Huntmaster’s Challenge

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    The Huntmaster at the Skara Brae Ranger’s Guild now offers a monthly challenge for
    hunting various species throughout Britannia.

    How to Hunt
    • Visit the Huntmaster NPC at the Ranger’s Guild outside Skara Brae to obtain a hunting permit via the Huntmaster’s context menu.
    • Permits cost 5,000gp, the funds must be available in the player’s bank box.
    • Double click on the hunting permit and target the corpse of a valid species to record the kill. The Permit will display the Hunter’s Name, Date of the Kill, Location of the Kill, Species of the Kill, and a measurement for the Kill. Return to the Huntmaster to submit a kill for consideration in the monthly competition by dropping the deed on him.
    • If a submission has the greatest measurement for a species, the kill will be displayed on the trophy inside the Ranger’s Guild.
    • If a submission ties the greatest measurement for a species the display on the trophy will not update, however the submitting player will be eligible for reward when the contest concludes each month.
    • If a submitted kill has the greatest measurement at the end of the month, the player will get 1 point to redeem rewards from the Huntmaster at the start of the next month.
    • Kills can only be submitted from the current month and year.
    • The Huntmaster’s month will be updated on server maintenance, each new month the contest will reset.
    • The total number of point you could get is 15 in one month (by winning all 15 species records for the month)
    • The points carry over to the next month so you don't have to spend them all at once.

    Even if your kill doesn't win you can still immortalize it in you own home as a house addon that looks the same as the Trophies in the hunting lodge. A GM carpenter with a Taxidermy Kit can use your hunting permit to create a trophy for display. (Like the ones pictured above: Sea Serpent, Raptor, Scorpion, Lion & Triceratops. The permit is not consumed in this process. The kits cost 90k-100k each from carpenters and together with the 5k hunting permit cost for each one you are looking at around 1.5 Million Gold for a complete set of Trophies.
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