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    Guilds cost 250000gp on UO Heritage. There are plans in place to create a custom guild system, unique to Heritage! To start a guild, click the Paperdoll link in the bar at the top of the page, Then click guild on your paperdoll.


    A window will appear:


    Enter a guild name in the "Enter Guild Name" Field, then you can use up to 4 characters in the abbreviation field. Then click ok.. Now you are a guild master, now go back and click then guild button on your paperdoll again, and a new window will pop-up:


    On this page you can join VvV (Vice Vs Virtue PvP), Set your guild charter, & add a guild website.. you can view your guild roster, if you click the blue gems next to guild roster you will see a list of players in your guild and the option to invite someone into your guild, you can also promote, demote, kick & assign titles to players in your guild.



    The diplomacy tab allows you to see all the guilds on the server, from here you can declare war on another guild, or invite them to ally with you.



    This page is under construction, more detailed info will be added later..

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