Treasure Maps and where to find them


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This is the current list of what monsters will be dropping which treasure maps:

  • Stash - Agapite Elemental, Air Elemental, Ant Lion, Anchisaur, Archaeosaurus, Bone Knight, Bronze Elemental. Cave Troll (Shame), Centaur, Copper Elemental, Crystal Elemental, Crystal Vortex, Dark Guardian, Desert Scorpion, Dull Copper Elemental, Earth Elemental, Enraged Earth Elemental, Enslaved Gargoyle, Enslaved Gray Goblin, Enslaved Green Goblin, Ettin, Evil Mage, Fire Gargoyle, Frost Troll, Gallusarus, Gargoyle, Gazer, Golden Elemental, Golem Controller, Greater Earth Elemental, Eodon Britannian, Eodon tribesperson (warrior), Juka Mage, Juka Warrior, Lion, Lizardman, Molten Earth Elemental, Mud Elemental, Mummy, Myrmidex Drone, Myrmidex Warrior, Nightmare, Ogre, Ophidian Enforcer, Ophidian Warrior, Orc, Orc Bomber, Orc Captain, Orc Chopper, Orcish Lord, Orcish Mage, Orc Scout, Quartz Elemental, RaiJu, Ratman, Ratman Archer, Ronin, Sabre-toothed Tiger, Sand Vortex, Savage Rider, Savage Shaman, Sea Serpent, Shadow Iron Elemental, Slith, Strange Gazer, Terathan Warrior, Troll, Valorite Elemental, Verite Elemental, Vicious Macaw, Wight, Wild Tiger.

  • Supply - Abysmal Horror, Abyssal Abomination, Acid Elemental, Anlorlem, Archaeosaurus, Arctic Ogre Lord, Bog Thing, Cave Troll (Wrong), Clan Scratch Scrounger, Cold Drake, Corrupted Mage, Crystal Sea Serpent, Crimson Drake, Cyclopean Warrior, Daemon, Dark Guardian, Deep Sea Serpent, Drake, Dread Spider, Dream Wraith, Elite Ninja, Eodon Tribesperson (Shaman), Evil Mage Lord, Executioner, Exodus Overseer, Fairy Dragon, Fan Dancer, Feral Treefellow, Fezzik the Ogre Cook, Fire Ant, Fire Elemental, Flame Elemental, Flurry, Insane Dryad, Juggernaut, Juka Lord, Kappa, Kaze Kemono, Lesser Hiryu, Lich, Lizardman Defender, Lizardman Squatter, Meer Mage, Minotaur, Minotaur Captain, Minotaur Scout, Mistral, Moug-Guur, Myrmidex Warrior, Najasaurus, Ogre Lord, Ophidian Apprentice Mage, Ophidian Avenger, Ophidian Justicar, Ophidian Knight-Errant, Ophidian Shaman, Ophidian Zealot, Orc Brute, Pirate, Platinum Drake, Raptor, Ratman Mage, Reaper, Restless Soul, Revenant Lion, Saliva, Satyr, Saurosaurus, Sea Serpent, Shadow Knight, Shadow Dweller, Skeletal Knight, Snow Elemental, Stone Elemental, Stone Gargoyle, Stone Harpy, Stygian Drake, Tempest, Terathan Avenger, Toxic Elemental, Trapdoor Spider, Treefellow Guardian, Triceratops, Troglodyte, Tsuki Wolf, Vile Mage, Volcano Elemental, Water Elemental, Wanderer of the Void, Wyvern, Yomotsu Warrior.

  • Cache - Abscess, Ancient Lich, Ancient Wyrm, Archdemon, Balron, Betrayer, Blood Elemental, Bone Demon, Coil, Crystal Hydra, Crystal Lattice Seeker, Cu Sidhe, Darknight Creeper, Devourer of Souls, Dimetrosaur, Dragon, Efreet, Elder Gazer, Ethereal Warrior, Fire Daemon, Flesh Renderer, Frost Dragon, Gnaw, Greater Dragon, Greater Poison Elemental, Grim, Grobu, Hiryu, Homunculus, Hydra, Ice Fiend, Impaler, Infernus, Interred Grizzle, Kraken, Lady Jennifyr, Lady Marai, Lady Of The Snow, Lava Elemental, Leviathan, Lich Lord, Lifestealer, Lurg, Master Jonath, Master Mikael, Master Theophilus, Meer Eternal, Mephitis, Miasma, Minion of Scelestus, Minotaur General, Night Terror, Oni, Ophidian Matriarch, Pestilent Bandage, Pit Fiend, Poison Elemental, Putrefier, Pyre, Ravager, Red Death, Rend, Reptalon, Rotting Corpse, Saurosaurus, Serpentine Dragon, Shadow Wyrm, Sir Patrick, Skeletal Dragon, Skeletal Drake, Skeletal Lich, Spite, Swoop, Succubus, Szavetra, Tangle, Terathan Matriarch, Thrasher, Titan, Tormented Minotaur, Tyball's Shadow, Unfrozen Mummy, Wanderer of the Void, White Wyrm, Yamandon, Yomotsu Elder, Yomutsu Priest.

  • Hoard - Abyssal Inferno, Allosaurus, Barracoon, Chief Paroxysmus, Dread Horn, Ilhenir, Lady Melisande, Lord Oaks, Medusa, Mephitis, Meraktus the Tormented, Monstrous Interred Grizzle, Navrey Nighteyes, Neira the Necromancer, Niporailem, Primeval Lich, Renowned, Rikktor, Semidar, Serado the Awakened, Shimmering Effusion, Silvani, Slasher of Veils, Stygian Dragon, Travesty, Twaulo

  • Trove - Adrian The Glorious Lord, Andros The Dread Lord, Charydbis, Corgul the Soulbinder, Dragon Turtle, Harrower, Scalis the Enforcer, The Great Ape, The Dark Father, Tyrannosaurus Rex

If you see a creature missing from this list or believe a creature should change one level +/- please comment below. These are fluid changes and adjustments can always be made.



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