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The Evangelists
Guild motto: We are the Many

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Welcome to the Guild page of the Evangelists.
The Evangelists was founded somewhere in the midst of 2020 by the amazing and very handsome Enoch, more commonly known as "MrRiots", with one sole purpose..
World domina... I mean 'A fun guild for anyone who enjoys the PVM side of UO and have the perk of being in a guild and maybe meet friends'.

With aggressive recruitment methods this guild soon rised to the very top of chart with above twenty unique and active members all playing in their own phase or style.

But if we'd be serious for a moment, the truth is that the Evangelists is more than a guild.
We are a UO Community made up with a diverse set of people from all around the globe. No matter how YOU like to play UO you're welcome. We do not judge your playstyle.
We do not force you into something neither do we expect you to play in a certain way.

You're allowed to add your friends if you like to play in a smaller group, youre allowed to leave at anytime with no repercussions what so ever or spite.
Our purpose is to collect like minded people and have as much fun as possible no matter the amount of time you have in UO or how new you may be to the server.
We are supportive to each other be it ingame or out of the game and with a great height so to speak. We know this is a game and are not easily offended.

We always help each other when we can or others. With the tremendous amount of resources we own.
And we follow the gospel of the great Haley Joel Osment's "Pay if Forward"

You will find an Evangelist in every corner of Sosaria, be it in the great depths of the Abyss, the far distances of The Lost Lands or AF.. Mining in the Luna Mountains.
I could list all the activities we sought to do, but we do whatever we feel like and if you want more people to join you in your task? Just ask :) We are the many.

But dont listen to me, I have asked the Evangelists for afew quotes on why they decided to join:


Thats all from us!
We are a bunch of veterans who enjoys some UO from time to time, we do not fall for the regular UO bullshittery as so many others.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

Recruitment status: Always open
Alliance Status: Not so much..

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