Investigating Strange Doubledeath

Piet Zah

Newbie III
Yesterday while in Blackrock Dungeon i died, i went into the Timemasters Room to get ressed and died immediately then got ressed again. Loosing double Karma and double insurance money. Today i planted a white sappling seed in Abysse then died got send to the planted seed and got ressed just to die immediately again and get ressed a second time. This time with two bonepiles on the floor stacked and loosing double Karma and double insurance money. In both cases there was no Mob or anything else near me.


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Game Master
Prior to both situations, or at least the last one, what were you fight/doing? Did you have a de-buff going? It sounds like some sort of damage over time effect may not be canceling correctly OnDeath. Which one? No idea at the moment.

Piet Zah

Newbie III
I was in the last case debuffed by the outcast Gargoyls similar to the satyr effect. In the first case im not sure maybe the Blackrock Boss debuffed me too or could be poisoned but not 100% sure on that one
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