FIXED Remove Trap Skill Ranges


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According to UOguide, when remove trap skill is at 80, you should train at GM. However, the code does not jive here:

The range to remove trap is defined in RemoveTrap.cs

if (from.CheckTargetSkill(SkillName.RemoveTrap, targ, targ.TrapPower, targ.TrapPower + 10))

It calls trappower, which is defined in DefTinkering.cs

if (message == 0)
int trapLevel = (int)(From.Skills.Tinkering.Value / 10);

Container.TrapType = TrapType;
Container.TrapPower = trapLevel * 9;
Container.TrapLevel = trapLevel;
Container.TrapOnLockpick = true;

message = 1005639; // Trap is disabled until you lock the chest.

Based on that, we can compute the ranges:

At 100 tinkering,

Trappower= 100/10*9 = 90

Therefore the range is = 90-100 (trappower to trappower+10)

UoGuide's range at GM tinkering is 80-100. The formula is computing 90-100. So I think either the divisor for trappower should be 8 or the range needs to subtract 10 for the minimum level to agree with UOGuide's range.


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I had to manually play about with toggling skills to get this skill trained.
I can give you the exact range which worked.
I used a crystal ball of knowledge whilst training.

0-40 was purchased in new haven.
40-80 was trained using a tinker made chest 5-10 points aboce the RT skill.

Now the tricky part

The skill would jump from easy at 79.9, 89.9 to very challengeing at 80,90 that 0.1 must have pushed its difficulty bracket

So to keep it optimal I had to mess around with the skills, at one point i dropped 5 full points of tinker from gm to 95 to test it was correct.

80-85 RT with tinker 90 (optimal)
85-90 RT with tinker 95 (optimal)
90-95 RT with tinker GM (optimal)

Now 95 RT to GM was a pain in the arse.
after 95 RT it dropped to easy then around 98 it dropped to very easy when opening a gm tinker dart trap.

I even tried with a 15% tinker bonus tali to boost this GM dart trap. now in hindsight I wonder if making the stronger traps might make a difference.

99-100 took about 6 hours from memory.

I burned through ~15k bolts and the same in iron ingots.

Overall it is by far the hardest skill to GM. I could have 120'd taming 3 times over in the time to get this skill.

I tried it with a second account doing the traps but gave up as even more of a pain, so instead dropped a skill and added tinker to the training char to keep the ranges of RT vs Tinker under control.

#nightmareskill but its way better than it used to be, a few years back i tried to gain 0.1 in it and got nothign in hours of training.
then i discovered on teh old chests you could take one step away and double click, set off trap and then not take damage.

So i never did the skill : )

hope this helps


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I am stuck at 80 for whatever reason :p My tinkering hit 90 which I think makes me fail all the time. I'll have to drop tinkering to 85 I guess.


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It simply needs this to work:

if (from.CheckTargetSkill(SkillName.RemoveTrap, targ, targ.TrapPower - 10, targ.TrapPower + 10))