*Player Event* The search for a lost friend !


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Many years ago before the gem of immortality was shattered and Sosaria was split, I remember a great mage and explorer " Roadius Wootimus." We first met decades ago when i was exploring the lost lands of t2a looking for hidden secrets. We had many late nights in the taverns around the land, were he told story's of his grand adventures searching for hidden relics around this great world. He had " gained much knowledge and collected many treasures."

It has been sometime since i have seen my friend. I fear something has happened to him. He made many enemy's in his travels and i wonder if someone has harmed him. Im seeking the help of all the great citizens of Britannia to find any clues leading to what has happen to my friend. He talked of having
" a house in felucca " full of treasure and artifacts. If we can find his house, it might have clues that lead to his disappearance.

An image came to me in a dream, maybe it will mean something to the younger citizens of this shard.
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Way past that ;)
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The upper floor of his home was filled with locked chests, after picking the locks and searching many of them, I found this memo.

I knew of the Museum he was referring to and I found his missing journal there.

The journal talked about power of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 (the name Nikola Tesla came to mind)



My first obvious choice at the combination was 1,2,4,8,7 as listed in his journal but it was incorrect. I took some time to consider the next attempt I would make (chest said I only had 2 tries left). My next attempt was successful and his combination was 2, 4, 8, 7, 5

Based on the info in the journal, perhaps you will find your friend with the Monks of Empath Abbey as Yew is the City of Justice.

Thanks @Molokai!
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All said and done, I gathered ~1.4 million in gold, Hat of the Magi, Shadow Dancer Legs, an Armor of Fortune, Midnight Bracers, an Ornament of the Magician, a Scholars Halo, and miscellaneous Lesser, Major, and Greater Artifacts.

The house was quite difficult to locate!


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lol, yeah, I was going to say...I hope he doesn't mind I took everything, but His 'good' friend Molokai told everyone there was a lot there for the taking in an unoccupied house, makes you complicit the way I see it ;)


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Stuff like this is amazing. Players doing cool stuff like this on their own is what always made UO, UO.

@Molokai was rewarded with a uniquely named spellbook

Players running community events like this can only strengthen our community.