Discussion Market Report I've Gathered 7/20/2020


Journeyman III
Item:Pricing Data:
Barbed Leather200-300gp Each
Greater Potions125k -200k per 1k
Hroned Leather185-200
Imbue Essence 10k Each
Seeds of Renewal30k
Silver Serpant Skins25k per
Boura Pelt1-2.5k per
Bag of Sending(Full)75k
Bag of Sending(RandomCharges)50k
Powder of Translocation1k per
Pet Summoning Ball(full charge20)20k
Shroud of Condemned75k
Repair Deeds500-999
Bulk Order Deed Book1k
Spellweaving Scrolls5k
Scroll Binder5k per
Runic Atlas7.5-15k
Necro Book(Full)5-10k
Full Spellbook10-25k
ML Quivers10-20k
Mystic Book(Full)15k
Magical Residue400gp per
Enchanted Essence700-850gp per
Relic Fragment 2.5-3k per1.9k per 50
Common Gems500gpLimited Data
Gold Skull50-100k
PreMarked Runic Atlas55kLimited Data
Powder of Fortification12k-13k per use
Crystalline Blackrock7k Per
Blue Diamond7.5-12.5k per
Brilliant Amber10-12.5k per
Dark Sapphire10-12.5k per
Ecru Citrine10-12.5k per
Fire Ruby10-12.5k per
Perfect Emerald10-12.5k per
Turquoise7.5-12.5k per
White Pearl30-100k per
Tokuno Minor Pigments100k per
Tokuno Minor Artifacts70-95k per
Daemon Claw9k Per
Lava Crust9k per
Chaga Mushroom10k per
Fey Wings10k per
Vial of Vitriol10k per
Undying Flesh10k per
Crystal Shards10k per
Silver Serpant Venom10k per
Luminescent Fungi10k per
Faery Dust10k per
Robe of Eclipse/Equinox35-100k
Totem of the VOid150-300k
Bloodwood Spirit50k-300kfucking all over
25 Stat Scroll500k-2.5Mil
Sov's5-8k perall over the place
Ornament of the Magi2-3 Million
Dull Copper80gp perLimited Data
Shadow90gp perLimited Data
Copper100gp perLimited Data

These are just some of the things I've been able to get from Vendor Search/and asking around what they would pay/have paid/or feel is a fair price. All that being mixed MOST of the Data on here is just the min/max from vendor search but like I said there is a mix in there as well.

I made this for ease of price checking/helping people find something to do to make money/lower the cost in different trades I guess.
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I pay 80g per Dull Copper ingot, 90gp per for Shadow, & 100g per Copper. I have no clue on the other ores, as i do not use them very much.
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