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Treasure Map Update

Remove Trap Use
  • Detecting Hidden & Lockpicking are no longer pre-requisites for Remove Trap.
  • Remove Trap will no longer reveal a hidden player upon activation, however other systems that would otherwise reveal a hidden player will continue to do so.
Remove Trap Training
  • Remove Trap can be trained on trapped containers, treasures chests, and via remove trap puzzle training boxes.
  • Kits are available for purchase from the Oddities Trader at the Lycaeum.
  • Circuit Trap
    • Use the directional controls to complete the circuit.
    • The size of the grid will increase as Remove Trap skill increases.
  • Cylinder Trap
    • Correctly choose the sequence of cylinders.
    • Less hints will be given as Remove Trap skill increases.
  • Slider Trap
    • Correctly align the pieces to complete the image
    • Longer failure timeouts as you complete the puzzle as Remove Trap skill increases.
Treasure Chest Locks & Traps
  • All treasure chests are locked and trapped.
  • Failure to unlock a treasure chest no longer destroys items and instead spawns a Grubber.
  • Stash (1), Supply (2), and Cache (3) Treasure Chests,
    • Can be unlocked using Lockpicking or Magic Unlock, depending on skill
    • Are trapped with a monster trap that must be disarmed prior to
  • Hoard (4) and Trove (5) Treasure Chests,
    • Must be unlocked using the Lockpicking Skill.
  • The Remove Trap loop for all level Treasure Chests has been redesigned as follows,
    • When a player tries to open a chest that is trapped, they will receive a message to use the Remove Trap skill. The chest cannot be opened until the trap is removed, and Telekinesis will no longer trigger the trap.
    • The disarming process will begin when a player uses Remove Trap on the chest.
    • During the disarming process Ancient Chest Guardians, chosen from the monsters that can spawn during the initial dig, will spawn to defend the chest. These monsters will not drop any loot.
    • These monsters must be defeated before the chest can be opened.
    • The length of this process is variable based on the player’s Remove Trap skill, with higher Remove Trap skill requiring less disarming time.
    • If the player moves more than 16 tiles away from the chest or is killed during the disarming process, the process must be restarted.
Treasure Map Levels & Availability
  • The number of levels of treasure maps has been reduced from 7 to 5 where,
Current LevelCurrent NameNew LevelNew Name
1Plainly Drawn1Stash
2Expertly Drawn2Supply
3Adeptly Drawn2Supply
4Cleverly Drawn3Cache
5Deviously Drawn3Cache
6Ingeniously Drawn4Hoard
7Diabolically Drawn5Trove
Showing 1 to 7 of 7 entries
  • In addition, treasure chests have now been themed based on the following profession inspired packages,
    • Mage, Assassin, Warrior, Artisan, Ranger
  • This results in a map that will read like this “A Tattered Treasures Map Leading to a Mage’s Hoard”
  • Newly created maps will have their level set based on the new conventions.
    • No changes have been made to which creatures drop which maps. If a creature previously dropped certain level maps, the maps will now be converted to the new convention as they drop. This does not mean loot has been scaled down, read more about how loot has been redistributed in the loot section.
  • Existing maps will be converted to the new level conventions and have a package randomly assigned.
  • Cartography skill required to decode a map at a given level has been re-balanced to work with the new levels.
  • Mining is no longer required to gain a bonus to dig radius, instead this bonus is now based on Cartography skill.
  • Maps held in a Davies Locker will be converted to the new level conventions and have a package randomly assigned. This does not apply to maps that have been completed.
  • Treasure Maps have been added to the Valley of Eodon. Creatures will drop a map based on their overall difficulty. Generally – the more difficult the creature, the higher the level of map that will drop.
Treasure Guardians & Encounter Difficulty
  • Treasure Maps that lead to a Stash, Supply, or Cache have been balanced for solo encounters while Hoards and Troves are more geared towards group encounters.
  • Treasure Map Guardian creatures have been redistributed where,
    • Level 1 -> Level 1
    • Level 2 & Level 3 -> Level 2
    • Level 4 & Level 5 -> Level 3
    • Level 6 -> Level 4
    • Level 7 -> Level 5
Treasure Chest Loot
  • Existing and new loot is available in Treasure Chest loot based on Facet & Package. This will allow players to target specific items they are looking for in chests they know will have a chance to contain those items.
  • There are 4 factors that influence what items end up in a chest if successful random rolls are made, Map Level, Profession Package, Chest Quality, and Facet.
    • Map Level is determined when a map is created based on where the map is obtained.
    • Profession Package is randomly assigned when a map is created.
    • Chest Quality is determined at dig time based on the digger’s modified cartography skill.
      • Chests come in three qualities represented visually by a rusty chest, a metal chest, and a gold chest.
      • Chest quality can impact chest loot in a variety of ways including the quantity of a specific loot item, the range of bonuses, the type of crafting materials, and the intensity of randomly generated magic equipment.
    • Facet is based on which facet the Treasure Map is located.
  • Chests have a chance to contain the following loot items based on level, package, and facet,
    • Gold & Gems in newly drawn gold & gem bags (all packages, all levels)
    • Randomly Generated Equipment(all packages, all levels)
      • The types of equipment are based on the package and facet which corresponds to the profession who might use the equipment and the facet based on when the item was released in the game. For example, if you are looking for a dagger you may look at Assassin maps in Trammel or if you are after a Repeating Crossbow you would look at Ranger maps in Malas.
      • The quantity of randomly generated magic equipment has been reduced and the intensity has been increased.
      • The quantity of items available is based on the level of chest, there is a chance for additional items based on party size.
      • Luck factors into magical property generation as it does currently.
      • New Equipment (Cache and above)
        • Human/Elf and Gargish Skull Longsword
        • Human/Elf and Gargish Skull Gnarled Staff
        • Human/Elf and Gargish Octopus Necklace
        • Found as imbuable in Artisan Chests, randomly generated magical properties in all other chests.
    • Reagents in a newly drawn reagent bag (Mage Stash)
      • Type based on facet
    • Treasure Maps(All packages, up to Hoard)
      • +1 over the current level of map
    • Refinements (Artisan Stash)
    • Minor Artifacts(All packages, Supply)
      • Legacy Minor artifacts & Pub 67 Artifacts
      • Legendary Cartography Glasses (+1-5 Cartography)
    • Scrolls of Alacrity (All packages, Supply and above)
      • Skill is based on package and facet
    • Special Crafting Materials (Artisan, Supply)
      • Essences, Mondain’s Legacy Ingredients available based on facet
    • Recipe Scrolls (Artisan Supply & Cache)
      • Legacy recipe scrolls
    • Powerscrolls(Felucca Only, All packages except Artisan, Cache and above)
      • Skill is based on package and level is based on chest quality up to +10
    • Decorative Items(All packages when available, Cache and above)
      • Legacy & New Decorative Items based on package and facet
      • New: Hourglass Table, Decorative Ancient Weapons
    • Utility Items (Assassin, Artisan, and Ranger Supply)
      • Legacy & New Utility Items based on package
      • New: Shield Engraving Tool
    • Scrolls of Transcendence (All packages, Stash, Hoard & Trove)
      • Skill & value based on package and facet
    • Crafting Materials (Artisan Stash & Supply)
      • Wood, Metal, or Leather

Bug Fixes
  • The Summoners Kilt is now repairable.
  • Orange petals are now 1 stone each.
  • Various items can now be altered correctly.
  • Altering certain artifact items now carry over the proper resistance bonuses.
  • Fixed the Primeval Lich's Unholy Touch special ability.
  • Orc brutes now have a chance to throw an orc on any damage received.
  • Name changes now always show up on the paper doll correctly (you have to close/re-open).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from leaving the Gravewater Lake region, if dead.
  • Shadowguard Orchard Encounter apples now spawn a treefellow on each player in the region when deleted and if thrown at the incorrect tree.
  • Shanty the Pirate no longer does the reflect damage attack when bottles are used on him.
  • Animal Lore menu now shows adjusted stats if a creature becomes cursed/blessed.
  • Vendor Maps in Tokuno no longer crash the client.
  • Nether Blase cast delay moved to 2.0 seconds.
  • Arcane Empowerment SDI buff now correctly shows in the status bar.
  • Wildfire should no longer stack.
  • Toggling weapon specials now expires Injected Strike.
  • Crafting stacked items will now drastically reduce the number of skill gains.
  • Fixed an issue where items were invisible to players in castle courtyards.
  • Added the proper area effects to Fire Beetles.

A backup of Heritage was created today 3/13/2020. As always with a major patch, there may be some unexpected restarts during the next few days. PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS OR EXPLOITS RIGHT AWAY!
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Bug Fixes
  • Attacking pets now use active speed when the combatant is not a player.
  • Fixed an issue where only young players could use stash treasure maps.
  • Blackthorn invasion creatures will no longer be able to swim (water elementals).


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  • The following Artifacts are being removed from the Gauntlet drop list.
    • Bracelet Of Health
    • Frostbringer
    • Ring Of The Vile
    • The Dragon Slayer
    • Tunic Of Fire

Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted Frenzied Whirlwinds minimum damage.
  • Thieves can now correctly train remove trap from the appropriate NPCs (Thief/Tinker).
  • Training remove trap no longer requires lockpicking and detect hidden.
  • The Deathray spell can no longer be stacked on single targets.
  • Davies Locker now correctly displays the new treasure maps.
  • Only those with the access level of Crewmen + can repair galleons.
  • A display issue with Spell Plague in the Inscription menu has been fixed.
  • Treasure Maps now only spawn one ancient guardian at a time during the remove trap phase.
  • Players can now cast spells while digging up treasure chests.
  • Removed the skill wait time if the treasure chest is out of range.
  • Nether Blast mana rip no longer works if the target has no mana.
  • Nether Blast damage will no longer stack.
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  • The Sea Market (not guarded) has been added to the public mongate.
  • New Magincia and New Haven have had their public moongate locations changed.
    • New Magincia on the public moongate will now take you right into the bazaar.
    • New Haven on the public moongate will now take you right into the town.


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Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash from earlier in the week regarding VvV and guilds.
  • The Snake Charmers Flute is now crafted with the proper hue.
  • Clean Up Britannia once again gives the proper points for T-maps.
  • Fixed an issue where T-chests could be opened, even if the ancient guardians were still alive.
  • Fixed an issue where some Remove Trap trainers had solutions that were not solvable.


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Bug Fixes
  • Minor change to the way prefix and suffixes are applied to loot and runic reforged items.
  • Added Bag of Gold, Bag of Gems, and Bag of Regs to Treasure Chest contents.
  • Honor now updates perfect % property when perfection is achieved.
  • Remove Trap now gains properly on grandmaster made traps.
  • Nether Blast and Nether Cyclone now will correctly combat flag the caster on the creature damaged.
  • Fixed an issue where the player Account context menu option could be accessed by others. (Cosmetic only)
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