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TrueUO/Heritage Rules and Terms of Service
  1. No unattended gathering of any kind
    • This applies to everything in the world but I will point out a few examples:
      • Mining, fishing, lumberjacking, begging, etc.
      • Turning in or collecting BODs.
      • Buying from NPCs.
      • Looting.
      • Farming Doom artifacts, minor artifacts, lesser Treasures of Tokuno, Blackthorns Dungeon, etc.
      • House placement.
      • IDOC searching / looting.
      • Running quests/collecting quest rewards
  2. Players are prohibited from AFK training pets unless in a player-owned house
    • Players must be actively using the character they are training pets with if anywhere other than inside a player-owned house.
    • Players must be able to respond to staff members if they are training a pet in a public location.
  3. House Constructions / Customization
    • House add-ons must not be used to go above the 3 story height limit.
  4. PvP and Arena Rules
    • PVP Arena System
      • Players are prohibited from attempting to duel themselves in any way.
    • PvP
      • Using two characters at one time is prohibited when actively engaging in PVP.
      • Scouting Champion spawns or Felucca locations AFK with a script is prohibited.
  5. Shard Advertising
    • Players will not advertise other shards in-game, on the TrueUO.com forums, or on Discord chat channels run by UOH and TrueUO.
    • Discussing Shards in-game and on the forums/discord is perfectly fine as long as it is not a blatant advertisement.
    • While we encourage players to invite their friends and family to play our shard players will not advertise the TrueUO Heritage shard on other free-shards chat or in-game services.
  6. TrueUO and in-game Communications
    • Players will not spam in-game world chat, Discord, or the forums.
    • Players will not use racist hate speech.
  7. Accounts
    • Do not exceed the 4 account limit.
      • This is not per player; if multiple people play from the same household then the total number of accounts must never exceed 4. Accounts linked by IP, over the limit risk being removed by staff.
    • Never share your Heritage account information.
      • It is against the rules to sell or give away your UO Heritage account. This is to protect original account owners. We determine the original account owner to be whoever is linked to these accounts, by IP addresses and region.
    • For issues/questions regarding your account please send Dan a private message on these forums https://trueuo.com/index.php?conversations/add
  8. Clients/Assistants
    • It is up to the user to keep their clients up to date. We use the latest client patches.
    • Multi-clienting is LEGAL. Here is how it is defined and how it can and can not be used.
      • Definition: Being logged onto multiple clients at the same time but controlling them separately.
        • ALLOWED TO:
          • Attack monsters and tackle harder PVM encounters.
          • Heal and resurrect yourself in PVM situations.
          • Train skills on one character while playing on another.
        • DISALLOWED TO:
          • Perform any PVP actions at the same time.
          • "Ghost scout" Champion spawns or Felucca locations.
    • Multi-boxing is ILLEGAL. Multi-boxing can NEVER be used and severe punishments will be imposed on those who attempt it.
      • Definition: Being logged onto multiple clients at the same time and controlling both clients, simultaneously using the same keystrokes/ mouse clicks.
    • Authorized clients and assistants:
      • UOSteam
      • Razor
      • Razor Enhanced
      • ClassicUO
      • Orion
  9. Real-Money Trading (RMT)
    • TrueUO and Heritage do not encourage nor discourage RMT. That being said any RMT is a "Buyer BEWARE" situation.
    • Staff will NEVER get involved or mediate RMT in any way shape or form.
    • TrueUO and Heritage are not responsible for losses sustained and you agree to this clause each time you access TrueUO.com or the Heritage shard.
    • It is against the rules to sell or give away your Heritage account. This is to protect original account owners. We determine the original account owner to be whoever is linked to accounts, by IP addresses and geographical location.

Punitive Measures
Players will be given 2 minutes to respond to a staff member if they respond to a player suspected of breaking a rule.

Punishments will now be based on a point system. Each time a character is caught breaking the rules their account will be marked with the date and the rule that was broken.
  • 1st offense - Warning and removal of related items from character.
  • 2nd offense - 24 hours character jailing and removal of related items from character/recall location (bank or house)
  • 3rd offense - 7-day character jailing and removal of related items from character/recall location (bank or house)
  • 4th offense - 30-day character jailing and removal of related items from character/recall location (bank or house)
  • 5th offense - Account banned. (time will be at the discretion of staff)
We will also remove books used for rail mining / lumberjacking as well as pets for repeat offenders.

Instant Ban Offenses
  • The following offenses will not be tolerated on UO Heritage. Breaking these rules will result in the immediate termination of your accounts.
    • Attempting to obtain unauthorized access to another player's accounts.
    • Advertising other shards.
    • Exploiting game mechanics or unforeseen circumstances resulting in damage.
    • Using or distributing disallowed client modifications or macros.
Staff reserves the right to treat each situation with discretion.


LAST MODIFIED - 7/21/2020
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How the Staff of Heritage will interact with the players:

UO is a truly open world and is sometimes populated with evil players who enjoy bothering others. We will not get involved with basic player disputes. Part of what makes Heritage fair is our hands-off approach.

Luring and griefing others is not explicitly against the rules here. Part of the reason why we use unique names and made Name Change tokens so expensive is so that those truly causing the community harm are allowed to be called out and can not simply hide behind a new name, easily.

If someone is bothering you or your guild on what appears to be a personal level feel free to call them out here - https://trueuo.com/forums/general-discussion.5/. While we won't allow outright slander we will allow players to post their grievances in a public manner and name those causing them harm.

If we help Johnny today because Bob lured a monster and then Sally needs help tomorrow with the same issue, but we do not help because we are busy then it seems like we are playing favorites and bending the rules for certain players. So how do we simplify this? You are on your own! Forge your own destiny and surround yourself with good players to defend against the bad.

Part of what makes UO unique is the lack of control along with the game not holding your hand when compared to many other MMOs out there. This is not going to turn into a "Police or Nanny State" shard.

If players find overly aggressive ways or exploit mechanics to harass other players then staff do reserve the right to intervene.

So to clarify:

Staff WILL
- Assist you, when available, if you are stuck.
- Answer any gameplay questions or clarify rules.
- Work as fast as possible to resolve any exploits or game-breaking bugs.
- Make sure game mechanics and systems are working as intended.
- Modify rules accordingly as the environment and the community evolve.
- Enforce the clearly defined rules. (we will not look for grey space and if we need to modify the rules we will)

- Replace lost or misplaced items, skills points, or anything else.
- Hand out items or set skills, regardless of the situation, unless during a specified promotion or event.
- Get involved with player disputes.
- Heritage staff members are prohibited from playing on Heritage or maintaining a "player" account.
  • Staff members who are on as players will be clearly marked and are only doing so to test gameplay mechanics or systems.
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We have had a recent uptick in players reporting issues to us about other players.

First I just want to say that we do random patrols and catch people / jail / delete items if we feel they obtained them in an unfair manner.

Second I want to say that almost always when we investigate specific players, these players do respond to staff within the 2-minute time limit, which is something everyone gets. I know there are those of you out there, that have had a visit from one of us in-game.

We want everyone to play fairly but obviously, that is a fantasy. We mostly rely on players to pass along information about cheating, exploits, etc. As a reminder, any one of these can usually result in a decent amount of Sovereigns being rewarded.

If you wish to report someone for breaking one of the rules specifically outlined above:
  • Simply send me a PM on Discord or these forums. All I need is what you observed and the player's name.
    • Note that all these conversations are private and are not shared with other players. We also do not discuss other players account actions.​
    • The players are usually added to a watch list, that alerts us when they are on and what they are doing. If nothing comes of it we simply remove those from the watchlist over time.​
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