Event Suggestion...What do you think??


Hello everyone ... I've been watching some videos on YouTube and I happened to come across the link below.

This is some event from Demise's past that I think would go very well here in Heritege.

Basically, I believe that it is a falling area where in a fel dungeon and there is a specific champion ... similar to the one we currently have. What is different? An item of interest for everyone falls that, due to the fact that it is an item coveted by many people (items added normally and there may be some that are not so common, such as ... bauble and randomly some item from the minx tower.

I think it would be a great opportunity to even move PVP events ...

I can help with more suggestions to help organize this event.

Sorry if there are any errors ... google translator.

Edit ... I don't know how long it was and who the player is ... just a random video.

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