Differences Between Real UO and Heritage

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While Heritage strives to emulate UO in its current production state we do have some differences for various intended reasons.

1. Account Menu
  • To access the Account Menu simply click on yourself once, in-game, and select Account.
  • Players can set a pin, put in an email, and even change their password.
  • Players can easily view account gold, account sovereigns, and even refresh their houses via this menu.

2. Guild Price
  • Guilds cost 250,000gp on Heritage.

3. Housing System
  • Various changes have been made which are outlined HERE.
  • Players can purchase an addon that allows their house to "face" other directions. Seek out the Carpenters shop in Britain.

4. Peerless Keys
  • Peerless Keys do not have timers on them.

5. Player Vendors
  • Player vendors only charge 12gp per real day, regardless of how much stuff they have for sale.
    • This change was made to encourage player trading.

6. VvV Differences
  • Players do not start with 2,000 silver.
  • Forged Royal Pardons do not exist.
  • Various tweaks to VvV rewards.

7. NPC Differences
  • NPCs do not purchase items from players.
  • What NPCs sell has been completely changed around and is custom. I would not refer to outside guides on them.

8. Pet Differences
  • Bonded pets do not lose loyalty and do not need to be fed.
    • If a bonded pet is left in the world, and the owner does not log in, for more than 7 days it will revert to tamed and then Loyalty will decay per normal.
9. Boats
  • Boats take 6 months of no activity to decay.

10. Bulk Order Books
  • Bulk Order Books only take up one item slot.

11. Reds can travel to all facets
  • Murderers can travel to any facet but are prohibited from being attacked or attacking others outside of Felucca or VvV.
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