Not A Bug CuSidhe HP to high maybe??


i found a cu in my travels with hp of 1240 wild i tamed him it was half stated as it should but its now 620. Isnt max hp for a cu wild 1200 tamed 600?? nothing makor but couldnt hurt to make sure.


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Something so minor is probably just lack of true knowledge of the total Highs and Lows of a pet. We can only guess and get it close.

10 sites will say 10 various different things. Now if you got one that was 1400 I would say yeah, lets get on production UO and tame a bunch of these bad boys.


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Just a added bit of info here, different sites have different totals due to the numbers being taken at different times with different pool sizes. That being said uoguide has them listed up to 1275 so yea no bug here.
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