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TrueUO.com – Home of the Heritage shard and Community Resources

Heritage is a free UO shard that launched in January of 2016.

We strive to emulate the combat mechanics of modern UO while leveraging our programming and UO experience to create a balanced world that feels similar but is also unique in many ways. While we follow the general path of modern UO’s development we use our own knowledge and ability to look back at what has not worked in UO over the years to tailor a balanced shard. There are many changes to economical systems, loot, and spawns to create a more balanced world than most other shards offer.

Login: play.trueuo.com
Port: 2593
Location: NYC, New York
Accounts per IP: 4
Accounts on at one time: 3
Skill cap: 720
Stat cap: 260
Ruleset: Modern UO with all Facets. Expansion EJ+

The only two staff members of Heritage are Dan and Dexter.

Our mission has always been to create a UO server that is active, fair, and transparent. So, what exactly does that mean?

Here it means:
  • Active
    • For the last four years we have investigated and fixed thousands of bugs for the ServUO emulator community while also accumulating over 7,500 posts of valuable information. We do our best to address and fix bugs reported to us right away. Unlike some other servers you will hear back from us in a timely manner.
    • We are constantly pushing new content and bug fixes as evident in our Patch Log history and Archived Events history. We understand the frustration of spending a lot of time on a shard and watching it slowly become abandonware and bug riddled. MMOs require active attention and maintenance and we are here to provide that. Being the complex piece of software that these servers are, new challenges and bugs are always being found and you need an independent, capable, and active team to address these issues as soon as possible. Even a few weeks of inactivity can be disastrous.
  • Fair
    • The relationship between server staff and player is usually more personal in nature on free shards when compared to the production UO counterpart. Over the years this has led to an abundance of stories on various shards about corrupt staff who provide favors, hand out items, and set skills. Not surprising these things still happen today in production UO within their EM program and it has always been a problem for UO over the years.
      • In my experience:
        • The bigger the staff team the more issues. I am not talking about coding and development here as anyone can view and contribute to our code @ https://github.com/ServUO/ServUO but the actual in-game staff that can manipulate the world, on the spot.
        • Staff who also keep player accounts while claiming fairness is often not the case. Being able to add anything at any time and go anywhere is a bit too much.
    • On Heritage there are only two staff members with any in-game powers. I also strictly prohibit the maintaining of player accounts on Heritage and this is something we do not do here.
    • We try to treat all players the same, have a very hands-off approach to in-game interactions, and attempt to enforce the rules as evenly as humanly possible. https://trueuo.com/threads/heritage-shard-rules.85/#post-263
  • Transparent
    • Our code is entirely open source and we encourage review of it. https://github.com/ServUO/ServUO.
    • We are always willing to openly discuss issues on these forums and truly value that type of communication between development team and player.
    • We do not manipulate the world in any way for any player. We treat everyone the same, for better or for worse, regardless the situation.
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