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Welcome to The Illuminati guild information page.

Guild was originaly founded by Hugo and Siwy somewhere in 2003-2004, on one of Polish UO shards. I joined it in 2005 and didn't regret it even once. Bunch of very friendly people who I could totaly trust. After few years we moved on to another fresh shard where we grew bigger than anyone else. Some time later due to personal reasons, leadership was passed to me and I led TI untill its end when shard was closed by its owner. For most of us it was end of UO, those who were still playing it couldn't find any permanent place and after time, our contact broke.

After many years of jumping from one MMO to another, I decided to come back to UO once again. All i needed was place to stay. Found some polish shard again where i played for few months. Gave up playing there and I, with some other Polish people ended up on Heritage. After some time i got a message from some Cyceq guy. He recognized my name on discord channel and who would have thought. He was my old buddy from TI who was looking for place to stay, and he was not alone, he dragged Krecha with him. He had some old phone number to another core member - StigiBengBeng who, by some miracle didn't change his phone number in a "while".

So here we are now. Four core members from original The Illuminati in one place, after over 10 years of not talking to eachother. It was either blind luck or destiny that we ended here at the same time so it was natural that we ressurrected The Illuminati on Heritage.

We're not hardcore guild. We're not trying to be best at anything. We're not trying to be biggest guild in here. All we want is to enjoy UO once again after all those years and hopefully regain contacts with other old TI members.

So if you recognize any of those nicks
Vindir Meireffer
Hashilius Gram vel Cyceq
BlackRiderNox vel Krecha
Tao vel StigiBengBeng

or was at any time member of The Illuminati guild in UO, leave us a message either here or PM us on Heritage discord channel!
Since the beginning, guild was built on trust, mutual help and family like atmosphere (with all its flaws too) and we follow same principles here. Because of that, we are not openly recruiting, but if you recognize us or simply look for some Polish group of great people to play with, contact us!

We may be few in numbers but we're here.
"Salus Illuminati suprema lex esto"

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