Starlight Tower Rune Library

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    The Starlight Tower Rune-library & Magic Shop
    Home of the Mr. FiXiT Repair Shop, Rosie's Magic & Dye Shop, & more.

    If a moongate cant get you there, check "The Starlight Tower Rune-library, Next!

    The Startlight Tower Rune-library is the Largest Rune-Library on the server. We house over 60 Runebooks & Runic Atlas's with marked runes to locations all over the lands of Sosaria. We also have a Moon Stone Crystal, that will teleport players to various locations in Eodon, and a Serpents Jaw bone, that teleports the player to various Ilshenar locations. We also sell pre-marked Runic Atlas's @ Rosie's Rune Shop, Dyes, Repairs, Rares & More.

    You can find the Starlight Tower Rune-library in North-East Luna, Malas


    1. Cities, Towns, Islands, LL Entrances & Shrines
    2. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    3. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    4. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    5. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    6. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    7. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    8. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    9. The Gargish Lands Of Ter Mur
    10. Tokuno Islands
    11. Malas
    12. Restricted Section, Books For Sale (Display) & Others

    1. Trammel Dungeons & Hunting Spots
    2. House Teleporter to South Luna Vendor Park
    3. Serpents Jaw Bone (Teleports To Ilshenar) UoGuide
    4. Moonstone Crystal (Teleports Yo Eodan) UoGuide
    Current Pre-Marked Runic Atlas's For Sale:

    Explorer's Guide:


    Volume 1: World Cities Towns & Shrines
    Volume 2: Dungeons & Hunting Spots
    Volume 3: Felucca Cities, Towns & Shrines
    Volume 4: Handbook To City Loyalty

    NPC Shops:

    Volume 1: Alchemist, Mage & Scribe Shops (Rune, Scrolls, Regs, & Bottle Collection)
    Volume 2: Carpenters, Tinkers & Smithy (Wood and Iron Collection)
    Volume 3: Provisioners, Bowcrafters & Fletchers (Arrow & Bolt Collection)

    More locations coming soon! Check back frequently for updates! Cya In Game!

    Holiday 2017


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