Sovereigns - Store Currency

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  • Sovereigns

    Sovereigns are the currency that you receive when you donate to the server. Donating as most people know helps the server grow and is especially interesting on Heritage because that is exactly what the money goes toward, is the server. Whether it is a new custom system for in game or a custom system for the forums or for a hired hand to fix some bug etc. All of your hard earned cash goes to a good cause.

    Sovereigns can also be helpful to the individual who donates to the server because when you do you get the ability to purchase some super cool items that can either be just for looks or actually have a use but be assured, these are not a way to WIN ALL or donate and become end game... The items you can get will aid in your travels but none of the items would be considered "the best item in game"

    If you would like to browse the items that are in the "donation store" you will need to locate "UO Store" on your little bar within your client as seen below in the picture, please do note that you will also have to be in a "safe" location, so an inn or a house that you are friended too etc.


    You will then see a menu pop up of the sort and be able to browse around.


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