Serv - The Traveling Rares Merchant

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  • Meet Serv the Mysterious Merchant and Seller of Exotic goods!

    • Once a month Serv will spawn in a RANDOM location SOMEWHERE in the world. It could be ANYWHERE. In a dungeon, in the sewers, in a town, who knows! Any facet is fair game for this hard to find merchant. It will be up to the players to discover his location.
    • Serv will sell a new item every month. Items are 100% unique and some may never be re-sold again.
    • The first person to find Serv each month simply needs to double click him to receive one of whatever he is selling on the house! Yes, FREE!
      • If you double click him and you were not the first person to find him that month he will let you know.
    • Each month Serv's location will remain a secret, until a player finds him. Then it is up to the players if they wish to share his secret Hiding spot.