Heritage Seasons

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    UO Heritage "Seasons"
    • Certain content was always only available during certain times of the year. We have now set it up to be automatic. Teleporters will only allow you into certain encounters / dungeons during the correct months. Some of these seasonal events are custom and others are not.
      • Season 1
        • Treasures Of Tokuno
        • From January to February creatures killed in Tokuno will have a chance to drop treasures of tokuno. These can be turned in for Tokuno Majors.
        • Rewards = http://www.uoguide.com/Artifacts_(ToT)
      • Season 2
        • Blackthorn's Dungeon: Heritage Wiki Page
        • From March to May players will be able to access Blackthorn's Dungeon. This dungeon allows you to collect Minax artifacts to turn in at the entrance for powerful rewards. Almost all of these rewards can be obtained in other ways through the year like by doing Community Collections and Peerless.
        • Rewards = http://www.uoguide.com/Blackthorn_Artifact
      • Season 3
        • KOTL City
        • From June to July players can brave the ruins of KOTL city. Using a similar system to Blackthorns Dungeon players will collect minor artifacts to turn in for some unique rewards. There are various puzzles and hidden rewards to be found.
        • Rewards = http://www.uoguide.com/Treasures_of_the_Kotl_City
      • Season 4

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