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    The Mining Skill allows the player to collect ore & related resources.

    Mining Tips:

    1.) We have a random node system, if it produces valorite this time, it will not necessarily produce valorite again.
    2.) You can obtain +5 mining gloves from Bulk Order Deeds that push your skill over cap.
    3.) Books can be purchased from NPCs allowing you to mine other resources.
    4.) Single clicking your pick-axe will give you a bunch of gathering options.
    5.) You can obtain a Rock Hammer from Bulk Order Deeds that increased your chance of obtaining Granite.
    6.) Use a Prospectors Tool, to upgrade the mining node 1 level.
    7.) Gargoyle Pick-axes will randomly spawn Ore Elementals the same type as the ore you are mining.
    8.) You can obtain a Mining Satchel from the Huntmasters Challenge, that reduces ore weight by 50%.
    9.) Selling Ingots on a NPC vendor in your house is a good way for New Players to make gold.
    10.) Mining is no longer needed to dig up treasure chests.
    11.) You can find mining quests on New Haven Island.
    12.) You gather 2x resources when mining in Felucca.

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