Shard Loyalty System (Vet Rewards)

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  • Shard Loyalty System
    Heritage uses a custom "Veteran Reward (VR)" system called the Shard Loyalty System.

    The old system was exploited and removed the worth of some potentially high end items. Due to this, from the start of 2016, almost all the Veteran Rewards were moved over to the UO Heritage store. Other reasons for removing the old legacy VR system are:

    1. Players would, more often, bypass account creation limits with the use of VPN to farm VR items.
    2. Would devalue the cost of some of the most unique items found on UO.
    3. Was not really a reward since someone could create an account, play for one second, return 3 years later, and have 30+ reward picks.
    How the Shard Loyalty System works

    • Shard Loyalty is earned at a rate of 1 shard Loyalty for every 24 hours spent in-game.
    • After an account earns 15 Shard Loyalty the +5 Stat increase will be applied to all characters on the account.
    • For every 30 days of actual in-game time, across your whole account, players will receive 2 Shard Loyalty points to spend.
      • After getting your first two points the familiar VR menu will appear when you log in.
    • You can use these points on custom items. These items will require to correct amount of Shard Loyalty to equip and use.
    Reward List

    • 30 Shard Loyalty Rewards
      • Heritage Envoy (Half Apron)
      • Can be altered into Gargish form
      • Heritage Loyalist (Body Sash)
      • Can be altered into Gargish form

      • Kilt Of Minor Fortune
      • CAN NOT be altered into Gargish form
      • MinorFortune.png
    • 60 Shard Loyalty Rewards
      • Spellcaster's Banner (Cloak)
      • Can be altered into Gargish form

      • Warrior's Banner (Cloak)
      • Can be altered into Gargish form

    • 90 Shard Loyalty Rewards
      • Shard Loyalty Bag Of Sending
      • Can be recharged 500 times and is Blessed. Once it is used up it can be converted into 10,000 Clean Up Britannia points.
      • SLBOS.png
    • 120 Shard Loyalty Rewards
      • Vine Cord Sandals
      • CAN NOT be altered into Gargish form

      • Kilt Of Fortune
      • CAN NOT be altered into Gargish form
      • Fortune.png
    • 150 Shard Loyalty Rewards
      • Heritage Pilgrim Robe
      • CAN NOT be altered into Gargish form
      • HP.png
    • 180 Shard Loyalty Rewards
    • 210 Shard Loyalty Rewards
      • The Heritage Steed
      • HSteed.png
    These rewards are only the beginning. More rewards will be added as time goes on. The original thread detailing why these changes were made can be viewed HERE.