La Villa De Bellas Artes

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  • La Villa De Bellas Artes

    La Villa De Bellas Artes is a vendor mall located in the northwest corner of Luna. The proprietor is Lady Brosephine.

    Vendor Directory

    1. Solen Quest Items: Fully charged sending bags, powder of translocation, fully charged pet summoning balls, and basic gems.
    2. Full Spellbooks: Magery and Necromancy spellbooks, recall scrolls, and slayer spellbooks.
    3. Stone Furniture: Chairs, medium, and large tables in all ore colors. (Special orders by request.)
    4. Bone Machetes: For access to the Blighted Grove.
    5. PS & Primers: 110, 115, and 120 powerscrolls and mastery primers level I, II, and III.
    6. Dungeon Stealables: Decorative artifacts stolen from various dungeons.
    7. Colored Chests: Metal paragon chests, mostly looted from Miasma.
    8. Pretty Plants: Decorative plants and vines.
    9. Dyes & Supplies: Plant dyes in all colors; orange petals, red leaves, green thorns, poppies dust, and seeds of renewal.

    La Villa Vendors 1.png

    Additionally, there are two vendors on the roof.

    10. Rares & Artifacts: A variety of rare items attained while adventuring in Ultima Online.
    11. Special Event Items: An assortment of items from various past events on UO Heritage.

    La Villa Vendors 2.png

    Inside the main entrance, you will also find a set of dye tubs available for public use, a small rune library, and items that will teleport you to many desirable locations.

    Dye Tubs (more will be added soon!)
    • Furniture Dye Tub
    • Runebook Dye Tub
    • Metallic Leather Dye Tub
    • Special Dye Tub
    • Leather Dye Tub
    • Black Dye Tub
    Runic Atlases
    • Trammel & Felucca Cities
    • Trammel & Felucca Dungeons
    • Trammel & Felucca Hunting
    • Trammel & Felucca Shrines
    • Trammel & Felucca Islands
    • Trammel & Felucca Lost Lands Passages
    • Trammel & Felucca Mage Shops, Alchemists, & Scribes
    • Trammel & Felucca Blacksmith & Tailor Shops
    • Trammel & Felucca Carpentry & Tinker Shops
    • Trammel & Felucca Solen Locations
    • Doom Locations & Stealables
    • Crystal Portal: Will teleport you to any bank. (Ex. Say "Britain mint.")
    • Corrupted Crystal Portal: Will teleport you to any dungeon. (Ex. Say "Dungeon Destard.")
    • Serpent's Jawbone: Double click it and it will display several Ilshenar locations to which you can directly teleport.
    • A Void Pool Teleporter: Step onto the tile and it will teleport you directly to the Void Pool.
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