What Can I Do To Help?

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    I feel the Heritage wiki would benefit from creating our own wiki posts, rather than posting links to information already on the web, why is that you ask? well.. accuracy for one, Ultima Online is a 20+ year old game, and some wiki's and guides have dated information, meaning, the information is very old, and has since changed. So copy paste, or Linking to other information could be misleading.

    With that in mind!

    What can you do to help?

    When in doubt! Contact me! You can PM me ( Omalley ) here on the website. You can also visit this page frequently, and I will update it with current projects, and places you can help. Proof-readers! Ya'll are important.. as new pages are created, we could use the eyes of those who are not interested in creating content, but have an eye for proper English, mis-spellings, broken links, ect. You can DM me anytime to report any of these, or you could just fix it yourself by clicking "Edit" Thanks for showing interest in helping build the Heritage Wiki. Cya In Game!

    Current Projects:
    The Skills page has been created. I could use some help adding pages with explanation on how each skill works, I prefer original guides to copy and paste. If you are looking for an example of what a page should be like, Im currently working on the Animal Taming page, you can view it here: Click Me

    This is a link to the current skills page. You can pick a skill, and start a new page about it: Skills Page

    2. Have a Shop? A Guild? or something you would like to promote? write something up and DM me.. and I can throw a page together for you!

    Notice! Pages can and will be edited without notification or approval.
    Thanks! Heritage Staff