Guild Vaults

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  • Guild Vaults
    • Guild Masters can now purchase Guild Vaults.
      • Guild Vaults are located at the Britain Commons in Trammel.
      • Guilds can only own one Vault at any given time.
      • If a Guild Disbands or Vault rent is not paid the Guild Vault will delete the contents inside.
      • They can be purchased for 100,000gp and are renewed once a month for 100,000gp.
        • Anyone who drops gold into a Guild Vault will contribute to the "Guild Fund".
          • The Guild Fund is capped at 500,000gp and is used to pay to cost of the vault.
          • Guild Vaults with 500,000gp in their Guild Fund are essentially prepaid for 5 months.
      • GV1.png
      • Once you purchase a guild vault your guild name will be added to it:
      • GV2.png
      • Now when you open your Guild Menu you will notice, as the Guild Master and whoever else you set the correct access to, that you can view the Vault Log:
      • GV3.png
        • The Vault Log lets you keep tabs on your members.
        • It shows you who is contributing and who isn't. It also shows you your Balance and when Rent is due.
      • This system also gives a lot of permissions to the Guild Master:
      • GV4.png
        • From your Guild Roster menu you can set various restrictions BY PLAYER:
          • Daily Donation Limit = How many items a player can dump into a guild bank, on a 24 hour basis.
          • Daily Withdraw Limit = How many items a player can take from the guild bank, on a 24 hour basis.
          • Cannot / Can view the logs = If the player can see the Guild Log Activity.
          • Can Access Vault = You can set this to CAN / CANNOT. If a player can not access it nothing will happen when they double click the guild bank. If a player can access it then they can open it but will be limited on the movement of items, based on their set limits.
    We plan on greatly enhancing guilds over time. I am interested in ways players think this system could be improved on.