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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: I'm new to the game, do you have some tips?
    Try here to start.

    Question: Where can I see a list of all current Wiki pages?
    Here. Please be advised that some pages are currently placeholders.

    Question: How do I link my account to Discord?
    Click on your profile name on the website at the top right near the Mail icon. Then go to Connected Accounts on the left of the page.

    Question: Where did Veteran Rewards go?
    They are gone. Some things were relocated and can be found here.

    Question: I can't find the NPCs in Heartwood. Where are they?
    All essential Heartwood Quest NPCs and quest objects now spawn in the Moonglow Lycean.

    Question: I am fully patched but still see "Unused Tile" - Windows
    Go here for more info.

    Question: I am new to Pet Training. Any recommended guides?
    Yes! Refer to these two pages for info. Pet Training from A-Z and the Trainable Animal Bestiary are both great resources to start with.

    Question: Last time I played UO was ages ago. What is this about Skill Masteries?
    Besides offering new spells and passives, Skill Masteries allow you to basically power level the associated skill from 90 to 120 very quickly. Look here for a start.

    Question: I can't seem to train this skill past a certain point. Is there anything that can help?
    The Satyr Trick is explained here.

    Question: How do I add or remove the Mage Armor property from gear?
    Follow this handy guide.

    Question: Is there a general going rate for Sovs to Gold?
    8k Gold to 1 Sov is the usual ratio.
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