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    Lord Blackthorn, From Lord Blackthorn's Revenge!
    He is thought to have succumbed to the temptations of the villain Exodus, and became true evil. He was also seen as half-human, half-machine monstrosity and the subject of a toy designed by Todd McFarlane, the noted comic book artist, that was included with the box for the Lord Blackthorn's Revenge expansion. (See the pages on the Gargoyle's Redemption, Blackthorn's Damnation, and Plague of Despair scenarios.)

    The machine Blackthorn took up residence in Ilshenar. After growing impatient, and following Exodus's defeat, it launched an all-out attack on the City of Yew. During the fight, it was slain by Dawn. The machine Blackthorn's grave is found near his old castle in Britain on the Felucca facet. At a memorial service for Blackthorn, Lord British stated that it was Blackthorn's death that caused his (temporary) Return To Britannia. And further stated: "My friend Lord Blackthorn is dead, and I am sorrowful at his passing. He became corrupted by great Evils, and now is no more. Though we were often at odds, the truth of his downfall wears upon my soul."

    Beneath both Blackthorn’s castle has appeared an extensive dungeon.
    All creatures inside Blackthorn's Castle have a chance to drop Artifacts


    Blackthorns Castle Dungeon, Location & Intermediate (solo) area's
    Link to video recorded on Heritage: Click Here (Youtube)
    Loot analysis.
    1. Gold Ingots!!
    2. Horned & Barbed Leather, Bones
    3. Reagents
    4. Crystalline Blackrock
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