Animal Taming

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   Animal Lore
   Remove Trap
   Spirit Speak
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    Heritage is lucky to have the new pet training system. This system allows the tamer to train pets and make them stronger, give them magical abilities or special moves. To get started with this system, any animal trainer can give you a quest that will walk you through the training process, doing the quest is not required.. However Animal Lore is required.

    To enable pet training on a pet, simply use animal lore on the desired pet. On the 1st page you will see a blue jewel with the words "Begin Training" next to it.

    *image of pet window 1st page*

    Click that jewel and now your pet will gain experience with every kill. Another bit of info you'll want to pay attention too, is the page that shows how many control slots the pet requires.

    *image of control slots*

    Every-time your pets training bar reaches 100% you will receive training points.. You will be able to distribute these points in different abilities making your pet stronger, but be careful, when you commit, your pet will gain a new level, and also require an additional control slot.

    *more soon*

    Bonded pets do not lose loyalty and do not need to be fed.
    • If a bonded pet is left in the world, and the owner does not log in, for more than 7 days it will revert to tamed and then Loyalty will decay per normal.