What items would players like to see on Clean Up Britannia


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What items, by name, would players like to see added to Clean Up Britannia for clean up points?


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Crafted House Addon Deeds? I mass these quickly, and they dont tend to sell for much.. CUB points would give me a reason to trash them, if they wont sell.. maybe even some of the higher end craft-able items? Those that take more than just wood or ingots.


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Well I don't have a name for them because there has been so many that I don't even know if you could actually add them but it seems that damn near all Items from Events in the past are worth points on OSI why not add Past Heritage UO Event Items to the list? Especially Deco, i have more than I can count of that lol... Bones with players names would be another good one as I have shit loads but I dont use and some I would rather destroy than keep around.


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I played on the OSI at the time when this system was introduced, there were Item Bless Deed im max cost.A little later they were removed.
Naturally this should not be easily accessible.


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Also, of course, all those things from the events in which I did not participate, but I do not know whether it is appropriate.