VvV stat-loss penalty


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I would like to see this removed OR reduced to like 5 min or something or maybe remove the timer on stat loss pots - something!

There are only a handful of PvP'ers here and I find the fight stops while people wait for the stat debuff to wear off. Pretty sure most of us would rather just get back into it.

What do the other people here think? Good idea? No?

You could look at it as an "off-set" to having VvV being always "Orange" everywhere maybe :)


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I feel like this would be a good idea, i know most people are starting to back away from VVV anyway (And if there was a Non-VVV Morph Earrings, I would as well) the reason is that the rewards are pretty outdated, for most templates there is better gear elsewhere, while brittle > antique really helped. There is more negative then positive, stat loss being one of the major ones, but also getting on because someone is occupying a city just to have them leave is very frustrating (I assume they are using the [players to monitor), and partially why the criminal flag was implemented to prevent


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I actually just resigned from VVV due to this (stat loss) and the fact that people (BRK) can still run from towns when it will be contested and a possible fight. It appears that BRK is using it to farm items, and there are no fights ensuing from them occupying a town... so its worthless to be in VVV unless you want items that break easily, and love stat loss for long periods of time when battling outside of VVV towns.
The idea of reducing times on stat loss potions would be good for those in stat loss.


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Following tomorrows 6am restart the new timer on Stat Loss Potions will be 5 minutes.

I will make mention of this again in Fridays patch log, with the other publish.