Vendor(s) buy items


It would be really nice to have a way to sell items and earn gold until there's a bigger player base.
or maybe sell to the vendors for "tokens" that can be used only on something like a vendor stone for items?

i don't know... but it makes it hard to start out on a pre-aos server when you can't sell feathers, leather, etc while training

Melek Taus

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Agreed 100% I understand on Heritage, but on Britannia not so much. If its a true Pre-AoS shard, selling to npc's is a big part of it.


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I would like to point out that this server is in "Alpha" and is a "Custom" era. It is not Aos / Pre Aos. We are using the Pre-Aos combat mechanics and property base due to its simplicity. That is mostly it.

The whole general idea of the server is still developing. Enhancing gold amounts will get looked at closer to when the shard would actually go live.