Expired Event (Official) Valentines Event 2019

It is that time of year again and Evil Cupid is back! To highlight SEASONS we have decided to host this one in Tokuno. Remember Treasures of Tokuno can only be farmed during January and February on UOH.

Valentines Day Events

Evil Cupid = Ends on the last day of February
  • A gate to Evil Cupid can be found near the Luna Stables.
  • Spawns every 20 minutes.
  • Is meant to be done as a group but same may be able to solo.
  • Has no slayer type.
  • Has a chance to drop all Peerless and SA ingredients.
      • 50% chance to drop a Human/Elf or Gargish Half Apron or Body Sash with 1% to ANY property or resist.
      • 5% chance to drop either:
        • Valentines Table
        • Valentines Chair
        • Cupid Statue
        • Heart Shaped Box
        • Harpsichord
      • Rewards will all drop right into your backpack and you will get a message letting you know.

Heritage Valentines Day Raffle

  • Players can purchase raffle tickets, to be drawn on the 14th of February, for "The Love Bug".
  • This 2 of 2 Ethereal will grant 2 HPR when mounted
    • Two Auction Stones will be set up @ Luna Bank starting on the 3rd of February.
    • Players can purchase AS MANY TICKETS as they like per account. The more tickets you buy, the better your odds.
    • One Auction Stone will only accept Sovereigns. This stone will charge 1 Sovereign per ticket.
    • The other Auction Stone will only accept Gold. This stone will charge 10,000gp per ticket.

Showing Heritage Some Love
  • Be sure to try to log into Heritage on February the 14th to receive a special item!
  • As always voting on vote sights, talking about UOH on Reddit, or sometimes posting about it on ServUO.com can help bring us more players.
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Each piece of clothing Evil Cupid drops spawns with a random Sewn By "Random Players Name"

IF you get any clothing Sewn By Dan or Sewn By Dexter let me know through a PM on these forums and I will dye them glacial blue for you.
I am sorry I will update the original post. Originally the plan was to end it on the 14th however CUPID will spawn all month. The other events end on the 14th.
Congrats to @Brosephine and @Xtal for winning the "Love Bug".

The Gold Raffle ate a total of 12,770,000gp.
The Sovereign Raffle ate a total of 636 Sovereigns.

If you log in anytime from now until 8pm EST on 2/15/2019 a special Valentines gift box will appear in your bag. This is ONE PER ACCOUNT.

Though most of the events have ended Evil Cupid can continue to be farmed until 28 February 2019. Enjoy and good luck!
Evil Cupid will be removed tomorrow at 8pm EST. There is just over 24 hours left to farm him from the posting of this message.