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Has a chance to drop at Spawns with 3-5 HPI

Drops with 3 HPI and 5 Int and is easy as balls to get.

The MKP in ML is like one of the best robes to get but with SA the Shroud of The Condemned made it useless.

I just had an idea that would revamp it but also make it kind of good - nothing broken but potentially better than a Shroud of the condemned.
What if it dropped with a random 3-5 HPI but also a random 1-5 Int Bonus on it?

This would make it possible to get a 5/5 which doesn't change anything super super dramatically but also makes it where these have a chance to be good again and potentially slightly better than a Shroud of Condemned which takes 30 minutes to get where as these things are tough to get drop + with the RNG at work you could make out big or go home with a 3 HPI / 1 Int Bonus robe which is less than the shroud...

Anyways, just an idea or a useless item that could get a small revamp to put it back in the league potentially.


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With how easily HPI is to get elsewhere I don't see what real harm it would cause. It's one of those items that didn't age very well, but most of the replica drops had that happen to them.


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I like this change but would suggest that the RNG roll be static between HPI and INT. Meaning you will get 1 of 3 robes... 3HPI/3INT, 4HPI/4INT, 5HPI/5INT....

As Goober suggests, nothing here is game changing as it's basically the 25 point robe from blackthorn dungeon that takes all of an hour or two to get GUARANTEED with 2 additional HPI at MAX ROLL (Rare). Additionally, the 3 HPI on Shroud when cap is 25 makes my brain hurt :p