The Tale of Corlagon the Mad


The Tale of Corlagon the Mad​

I was once a great sorcerer of the light. I had a beautiful, loving wife and two strong sons. I served Lord British with unending loyalty and served as one of his top advisers.

Just when I thought life was perfect, a band of orcs and ettins laid siege to my tower. Though my sons fought valiantly they both succumbed to their wounds from the long battle. My eldest, Rathor, had his legs crushed by a boulder thrown by an ettin. He managed to continue firing a steady stream of arrows
for three hours before he fell. My youngest, Jinthr, was burned alive when an orc mage struck one of our kegs of explosion potion with a wild lightning bolt.

Upon seeing the lifeless bodies of my sons, I flew into a maddening rage. I conjured all the power I could muster, but it was too much for me to control. The explosion could be heard for miles I'm sure. The shock of the explosion brought my tower crumbling down, crushing the invaders. Though I survived the blast, my wife did not.

After the battle, exhaustion finally took me and I collapsed. When I awoke, I was in a cave surrounded by cloaked figures in black. They were impressed by my destructive power and could sense my endless grief.

They offered me a path, a path that practiced the darker side of magic. The thought of bringing my family back from the realm of the dead overcame the rational side of my mind. I agreed without hesitation. I swore allegiance to The Guardian and was granted the gift of Immortality.

When Lord British heard of my union with the dark wizards, he stripped me of my place in the castle. Nothing mattered to me at this point, I would stop at nothing to get my family back.

Weeks of research became months, months became years. After decades of research I've still not had my family returned to me. Immortality has taken it's tole on my body and mind. While I cannot die, my body continues to decay. My determination has driven me insane, but I refuse to give up. What was left of the noble sorcerer of Lord British's Court, known as Corlagon the Wise, is now gone. The immortal monstrosity that was left behind shall now be known as, Corlagon the Mad. I now only live to serve The Guardian, with the hope that I can feed the undying rage in my dark soul.

Forrr thhhe Guarrrdiannn....