The life of Queen Bavmorda


I was the mighty Queen Bavmorda. Now I am Just Bavmorda. I realize you are wondering how this could have happened. Well then I shall tell you a tail of tragedy and sadness.
It was a lifetime ago in a land mystical and thriving. I was queen of all those bothersome peasants and ruled with a strong hand to keep them working toward the betterment of the kingdom. After all I was the queen and deserved to be worshipped and pampered. My lands were full of wonderous and marvelous creatures such as Trolls, Dragons and hounds and not so wonderful creatures. the undesirable types like the Nelwins were a small in stature people who were mostly farmer. Useless beings who were no help to the betterment of my kingdom. There were also some groups of ungrateful humans that from time to time would rise up. These were easily put down by me with my powerful magic.

THEN THE PROPHECY...That stupid stupid Prophecy

A prophecy came know to me that there would be a human baby born that would spell the end to my reign and my doom. I sent my daughter and my best commander to find that child and bring it to me so a ritual could be performed and the prophecy would be broken and i could reign forever. i had all the women ready to bear children placed in prison until the one the the birth mark could be found. I was found but a midwife took it out of my castle and ran off. when my troops closed in she put it on a small raft and sent it down river to be found by...the evil Willow.

Willow managed to evade all my troops and joined forces with the Brownies a human swordsman and my nemesis Fin Raziel. I had transformed Fin Raziel to a rodent and put her on a tiny island with no way of escape and that Evil Nelwin Willow rescued her. together they gathered an army and set siege to my castle. After all I had done for them these ingrates attacked MY CASTLE. My own daughter joined forces with them as well. I was mortified MY OWN DAUGHTER turned against me. So i did what any concerned mother would do and turned them all into pigs.


My best general was able to capture and bring me the baby and the ritual was begun to banish it to a netherworld where she would be no threat to me.
The following morning the pigs and somehow turned back to their original form and they stormed the castle. After a long fight the Nelwin and I stood alone doing battle. He was able to banish the child to some region I had never heard of. A STUPID NELWIN FARMER. This was impossible!!! My spell backfired and I ended up here in this land to which I am forced to start over to rebuild my ability to control animals and regain my mighty magic. One day i will reach this goal and return to MY lands and kill all of those who stood against me including my UNGRATEFUL DAUGHTER.

But until I grow strong enough I must toil here until i can regain what is rightfully mine.

And of course all of those that have helped me along the way here will be offered a most privileged position in my lands. One of power and wealth. Imagine having a land to where you can do as you please. Tax as you please and deal with the populace as you please.

Oh yes those were the days.