Tamer VS Necro Mage VS Classic Paladin for first toon.


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I plan to purchase a Mythic token to jump start, what would you guys purpose to start with? I usually start with a Classic Paladin build
100x Swords, tactics, parry, healing, anatomy, Chiv, Parry

I'm tempted to start with it again, but i'm ran down from doing it. Any other suggestions for a good starting template?


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Personally, if you're going to grab a mythic token, i would suggest you choose 5x difficult skills and pick up a few sovereigns for soulstones. I didn't know much/anything about modern UO when i started here so i think if i had to start over i would do something like this...

First Character
7x (Assume no friends/access to scrolls)

Taming - start with 50, go tame anything to get to 60. Find yourself an animal taming mastery book and some +15 jewels to get to 90+ skill. Use the mastery spell "Combat Training" to gain taming/lore to GM.

Now, you have a character with taming and pretty much nothing else, so now what?

Go tame a kirin/unicorn (depending on if you're male/female), use that pet to subdue a blue beetle enough to tame it then ditch the mare/unicorn.

Head to Haven Mines and have your beetle kill earth elementals for training, some basic gold AND keep an eye out for Clean Jewels with desired stats (10 SSI, 15 SDI, FC1, FCR3) that can be either saved/used later or sold to players for profit. Keep gems you loot for imbuing when you get to that point.

Once you've collected let's say, 50k gold and gotten your beetle to level 3. Go buy a full necro/magery spellbook from player vendor and train magery/necro/SS resist

Magery - simple, cast spells through UO steam until GM
if skill 'Magery' < 48

cast 'curse' 'self'

pause 500

elseif skill 'Magery' < 62

cast 'magic reflection'

pause 2500

elseif skill 'Magery' < 85

cast 'mass curse' 'self'

pause 500

elseif skill 'magery' < 95

cast 'earthquake'

pause 3500


Necro - Also Easy, cast spells through Steam until GM
if skill 'necromancy' < 60

cast 'horrific beast'

pause 3500

elseif skill 'necromancy' < 75

cast 'wither'

pause 1000

elseif skill 'necromancy' < 100

cast 'lich form'

pause 4500


Spirit Speak - equip a weapon and cast curse weapon
if skill 'spirit speak' < 105

cast 'curse weapon'

pause 500


Resist - cast clumsy on yourself
if skill 'resisting spells' < 45

cast 'clumsy' 'self'

pause 500


Once you have skills at GM, you're still presumably in your starter suit which is fine. Hop on your beetle and head to Shame level 5, kill the wind elementals simply to train your pet to level 5. Takes time but super easy.

Now you have presumably 7x GM skills, full spellbooks, 100 LRC suit and a level 5 beetle.

Go kill bad things... personally i think Miasma is an easy starter mob to farm with decent loot/gold to get you off the ground.

What to do after this? Get better and better and better and better and better.....

Ask in game/forums/discord if you need help or any starter equipment.


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Now that Necro can have skele drags, I'd go straight necro/spellweaving/mage template... I have 120... Necro, SW, Magery, Eval, Med, S.S.
This character is every bit my best for any activity. Spawns, events, Swoop. I run with level 3 masteries in all 3 skills.. Magery, Spellweaving and Necro.


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I use my 120 tamer with a shitload of Luck on it when I want to get decent loot. from peerless bosses


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Yeah i agree the necro/sw/mage is a great template. The skeles are awesome in MOST situations but sometimes you just need a beefed out g drag to soak damage. Either one is an awesome starter build on here.

This is my build that Permaspawn runs and has solo'd most content. Stygian Dragon, Slasher of Veils, Shadowguard etc.

110 Taming
115 Lore
114 Mage
115 Eval *goes to 120 when i get another one
20 Necro *use jewels to get into wraith form
110 SpiritSpeak *+10 from Talisman
96 Spellweaving *most spellweaving spells are in factors of 24 so you either want 120 or 96
90 Resist *+45 from ring/brace/cuffs