FIXED Some Monsters Not Dropping Correct Peculiar Seeds


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Certain monsters drop specific peculiar seeds. I was just hunting wisps and I'm getting the wrong seeds from them. This page shows the seeds that drop and from which monsters:

Here are the screenshots of which seeds I got from the wisps just now. When they are first looted, they are unidentified as "A Peculiar Seed." I used poppies dust to identify them in my pack.


Compared to the chart, wisps should be dropping Group 4 seeds for cattails, poppies, spider trees, and water lilies, not seeds from Group 3.
This is the first incorrect seed drop I've noticed from monsters, but there may be more issues with other seed groups.


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Please do not bump posts unless it is to add more information. Dexter or myself will get to all bugs ASAP. We also work off of the ServUO bug reports section so it gives us a lot to work on.