Restore Doom Artifact Loot Lists to Default


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Right now all the crap doom artifacts are making the chances of getting a decent one very low. This is a "heritage" custom that was introduced due to the platinum tunic. I am suggesting that this be reverted to stock Servuo so we can start hitting the useful arties again instead of all that other crap.


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I do not agree that it should be restored as it was before. Maybe the change that was implemented was not the best and there is a further compromise to be made? We had an entire discussion about this months ago and the old loot table was RIDICULOUS. I'm posting the former thread for reference:

DO NOT revert... maybe re-assess and make another change. As DewCono posted, he hit the legacy table only FOUR TIMES within literal THOUSANDS of kills. That old loot table was terrible.


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Thanks for finding the old thread. This is why I push to post stuff here, for references later. Great discussion so far, let's keep it going!


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I'm on the fence about this issue.
I understand Magus' frustration about not getting the old "better" arties from doom. The last 3 times I went to doom I got 4 shitty items.
I have yet to hit the legacy items from days old since the new patch went into affect.
That being said, Im also not too keen on having a shitload of AoF's floating around. But, it seems we have traded the cuffs of the arch mage, scholars halo, and a few others for the older Legacy items like the AoF, Jackyls, Aegis, spirit of the totem, and the hunters headdress.

Ive been told it is random, but cant the odds be slightly increased for a better chance at a legacy items instead of 3 deceivers that are essentially not even worth the points to CuB them?