Expired Event PvP - Minax Base Control - 20JULY2019

This Saturday, 20 July 2019, starting at 1pm until 9pm EST the Champion Spawn at the Minax Base will be activated.

From 8pm until 9pm fight for the Courtyard - which ever guild holds the Courtyard at 9pm will be rewarded.

Minax Base Changes
  1. Various destructible walls have been moved around in the Base since the last battle.
  2. MINAX2.png
    1. A back entrance to the Base has been created. It leads down into a secret base where to the west is the dragon turtle spawn in Felucca and to the east will pop you out in Destard dungeon. Players can now use this back entrance to attempt to circumvent base defenses.


This event has started! See you guys around 9pm EST to see who / which guild controls the keep.