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Arena Teams: This system supports single, twosome and foursome arena teams. For the twosome and foursome teams, if at any time a player is dismissed or resigns from the team, that team becomes inactive until the team leader can fill the vacancy. Arena team participants can use the command [MyTeams to view their respective arena teams. Any player can also use the [AllTeams command to view all arena teams on their shard.

Arena Duels: Now for the fun part! Most arenas (excluding the capture the flag arenas) support 3 types of arena duels:

- Standard: Or single elimination, is your typical, whoever kills their opponent wins.

- Best of 3: Just as it sounds, the team that scores 2 wins, wins the duel.

- Last Man Standing: This duel type is limited to single arena teams only. Each arena team that accepts the invitation, will be engaged in an "everyone for them self" duel where the last player alive, wins!

- Capture the Flag: Only on select arena's, this is the class capture the flag game. The objective is to capture your opponents flag (by double clicking it), and returning it to the flag pedestal in your own base. Points are given for kills and time the enemy flag is in a players own base.

Additionally, the creator of a duel can add a wager where each player of each team will have to have available in their account to proceed. Obviously, the winner will take the pot!

Rules: Various rules have been established to customize each duel to the participants liking:

- No Pre-casting: During the wall period of the duel, players will not be able to cast spells until the wall drops.
- No Summons: Any summon type spells/ability will be disabled.
- No Consumables: No consumables can be used during the fight. See Config NonConsumablesList for items that cannot be used.
- No Specials: Weapon special moves cannot be used.
- Pure Mage: Only magery type spells can be cast. Weapons of any kind will be banked prior to the duel, and returned at the conclusion.
- Pure Dexxer: No spells or abilities based on any magical school can be used.
- Allow Resurrections: This should only pertain to twosome/foursome duels.
- Allow Mounts: Mounts, including ethereal mounts, can be used during duel.
- No Ties: In the event the duel time runs out, a tie breaker will be utilized to determine the winner. See details regarding tie breakers below.
- No Area Spells: Area spells, such as wither, meteor swarm, etc., are allowed.
- Allow Pets: Pets are allowed during the duel.
- Use Own Gear - Un-checking this will force fighters to choose between a standardized robe, one made for a dexxer, one made for a spell caster.

Standardized robes: If you choose to duel with standardized robes (see rule Use Own Gear above), any combat equipment, with the exception of weapons, will be put in each fighters bank box. These items will be moved back to their original position at the conclusion of the duel.

Tie Breakers: In the event of a tie, and No Ties rules exist, a winner will be determined in the following manner, in order:

- Most players alive. This would only apply to twosome or foursome duels.​
- Total damage done​
- Random Pick, though considerably unlikely​

Tournaments: Players and/or staff can register fully configurable tournaments. Below are the details of a tournament, restrictions, and mechanics. Keep in mind, tournament restrictions are limited to that arena only.

- Registration restrictions: Only 1 tournament can be scheduled per day, and at least 12 hours apart from the last/next one at each arena.

- Registration Fee: Like a duel wager, each player of each team will need to have the entry fee available in their account upon registration into the tournament. This fee goes towards the total tournament pot, in which distribution is discussed below.

- Sponsorship: Players can sponsor a tournament by putting for gold that goes towards the overall tournament pot. This is a good way for players to get the word out on a tournament, and gives PVP'ers an incentive to join!

- Pot distribution: upon the conclusion of a tournament, the pot will be split 3 ways: 50% goes to the victor, 25% goes to the runner up, and 25% goes to the tournament creator. If there is no creator (staff created), the winner/loser will split the difference.

- Reward Items: Creators can select a champion prize, and/or a runner up prize. These items will be removed from the creator once they complete tournament registration and will remain in a safe location until the conclusion of the tournament.

- Tournament Cancellation: Upon cancellation, for any reason, fees, sponsor gold, and reward items will be returned to their rightful owners.

Tournament Types: There are 4 tournament types which can be selected:

- Single Elimination: Each duel in the tournament will be the standard single elimination duel. Duel losers will be eliminated from the tournament.
- Double Elimination: Each duel in the tournament will be single elimination, however each team must lose 2 duels to be eliminated from the tournament.
- Best of 3: Each duel will be a best of 3 fight, where opponents will do back to back duels until one of the teams win 2 duels. The loser of the best of 3 duel will be eliminated from the tournament.
- Bracketed: The losers of round 1 will all participate in round 2. Round 2 winners will then move on with the rest of tournament. Losers of round 2 will be eliminated. Round 3 on will be treated as single elimination.

Tournament Styles - Tournament creators can choose what type of fighters can enter the tournament. A check for this is performed when a team registers for the tournament, and when the tournament begins. If they don't meet the requirements during the 2nd check, that team will be removed from the tournament:

- Standard: Any type of player can join the tournament.​
- Mages Only: Only mage type characters can join/participate.​
- Dexxers Only: only dexxer type characters (non-spell casting) can join/participate.​


- [MyTeams - shows a players teams.
- [AllTeams - shows a player all arena teams.
- [ClearTournamentStatistics - Administrator only, clears all tourney statistics for all arenas
- [ViewTeams - Game Master only, target a player to see their arena teams


- Khaldun Grand Arena (Trammel)
- Khaldun Grand Arena (Felucca)
- Ocllo Arena (Felucca)
- Haven Arena (Trammel)
- CTF Arena 1
- CTF Arena 2
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Dexter will be activating it all tonight and we plan to host a tournament very soon! More details to come.


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You can set rules for no pets. I would never duel against a pet!


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Added new rule, Use Own Gear. This is checked as default. If you choose to not use your own gear, each duel participant will have the option of choosing between standardized gear. At the start of the duel, all other combat equipment (except weapons) will be put in the players bank box, and returned once the duel ends. Additionally, the standardized robe will be removed at the conclusion of the duel. Use this feature when you want standardized gear for an even playing field. Below is a shot of each robe. Currently, there are only 2.

Added new feature to Pure Mage Rule. Any weapons in the participants backpack/equipped will be moved to their bank box, and returned at the end of the duel.