PATCH LOG OCTOBER 2017 - Patch Log

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Fall Festival Rewards Update
  • We would like to introduce the first 2017 Unique drop.
    • Unique drops will be retired after the 2017 Fall Festival and will not be obtainable again.
      • A Magic Dread Skin Cloak - Obtained by killing Dread horses. Once a Dread Horse is tamed it will lose its ability to drop this rare Cloak.
      • 5% chance that a Dread Horse will drop a rare, limited time, cloak on death.
  • Various Fall Festival price tweaks were made today. Certain items were appearing for less than intended.
  • Added in some new rewards:

Enhanced Client Support
  • Item Grid Location now now save so items are in the same container position on server restart.
  • Added support for tamed creature commands/action buttons.
  • Added EA - Functionality to container grid positions. for example, dragging an item from within the same container, conflicting locations will bounce the dragged item back to its original spot. If dragging an item from the world or another container, that item will occupy the next available grid to the right (greater) of the conflicting grid.

Bug Fixes

  • Stone Form has had various tweaks and adjustments
    • Added proper immunities: stat curses, strangle, bleed, sleep and poison.
    • Damage bonus added and they follow the real UO formula (not effected by 300% cap).
    • Resist/max resists now follow the real UO formula.
  • Fixed Soul Charge and it now shows the effect.
  • Soul Charge now shows as a property on shields
  • Spirit Speak no longer drops current spell. Meaning if you have a spell pre-casted you can still use Spirit Speak and not lose the pre-casted spell.
  • Shadow Spell now gives appropriate bonus to being revealed / not being revealed.
  • Classic house foundations should now appear correctly.
  • Added Security context menus to Crystal Portals and Davies Locker.
  • Fixed imbuing resistances on armor.
  • White Tiger Form now shows proper cast effects.
  • White Tiger Form now can be activated from animal form when moving as another animal.
  • Teleporting on paralyze fields no longer paralyzes the player.
  • Fixed various issues with the Force of Nature spell.
  • Added messages for locking/unlocking house Items.
  • Added Thunderstorm spell victim animations.
  • Area of Affect damage spells now have a chance to reveal hidden players.
  • Shield/Armor/Weapon Luck Resource bonus is now counted properly as a property.
  • Fixed an issue with the Halloween Graveyard Moongates.
  • Added buff icon to Armor Pierce.
  • Splintering now is only 4 seconds, and added proper sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue where hit lower defense would not add proper stats when use consecutively.
  • Hit Lower Defense now shows proper Defense Chance Increase on status bar.
  • Tweaked Shadow Mastery formula, where max chance to resist reveal is 80%.
  • Various fixes and additions added to Imbuing.
  • Updated Magery/Mysticism base spell damage and damage skill bonuses.
  • Fixed Scroll of Alacrity drops in the Clean up Brit Reward system.
  • Talisman's can now have Glassblowing and Masonry skill bonuses applied.
  • Master Craftsman Talisman no longer delete when all charges are used.
  • Fixed an issue where more than 1 charge was being consumed on Master Craftsman Talismans when crafting failed.
  • Ornate Elven Chests now drops from carpentry recipes.
  • Fixed Tinkering menu ingredient bug
  • Eat, Gargoyle fly, Creature hurt and Salute and Bow animation fixes.
  • Field spells now appear correctly when casted over uneven terrain.
  • Runed Switch now adds random charges to the Master Craftsman Talisman.
  • Item Weight now takes FC into account when it displays 0 (FC1 w/spell channeling).
  • Casting spells now prevents players from changing directions
  • Archery Butte and Dragon Head addon now gives menu option for east/south facing placement.
  • Added Justice Virtue Tile to cleanup Britannia Rewards.
  • Enchant spell should no longer give -1 casting when the weapon already has Spell Channeling.
  • Wall of stone changed to be like EA in covering impassable objects.
  • Weapon Hit Spells now follow spell damage calculations with caps. The only exception is the Eval Int used is always 80, per EA.
  • Masonry craft menu fix.
  • Plate Wing Armor and Stone Wing Armor has been removed (These items are not in OSI).
  • Eliminated stacking damage from Nether Bolt and Magic Arrow.
  • Speed control now takes animal form into account.
  • Bombard stun/knockback now only works in PVP. Knockback no longer occurs if the caster is the Target.
  • Forced House Foundation visibility ranges to update correctly when players are using the larger client windows.
  • Bless now acts as a separate buff for random removal of purge magic.
  • Players must now have 75+ fishing to gain skill and have a successful harvest in deep water.
  • Players can now gain fishing from lobster traps, as they would regular Fishing.
  • You can no longer cast spells while using Spirit Speak.
  • Purge magic spell now uses the caster as the damager.
  • Fixed issue where power scrolls were decaying in power scroll books.
  • Added correct menu to Crystal Portals.
  • Evil Omen now fizzles when you cast on a player already under its effects.
  • Fixed a crash that regarded using the Undertaker's Staff.
  • Armor Pierce now applies a 10% damage increase for 3 seconds.
  • Bleed Attack now applies the proper debuff icon.
  • Bleed duration is now reset when splintering is triggered with bleed attack already active, or vise versa.
  • Bleed ticks now deal the proper amount of damage.
  • Hit Lower Defense now resets duration on successive triggers.
  • Hit Lower Defense no longer ignores DCI cap.
  • Hit Lower Defense now provides (PVP ONLY) a -35% reduction of the defenders capped DCI.
  • Mounted pets now show context icons in Enhanced Client once you Dismount.
  • Fixed crash regarding EC Auto Targeted Items.
  • Fixed crash regarding familiars.
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