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Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Auto Item Use/Target macros in the Enhanced Client.
  • Dual Wield now works correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where champion spawns that spawned with 1+ candles would auto revert to 0.
  • Spell Channeling weapons/shields will no longer fizzle a spell while equipping.
  • Fixed minor messages with Armor Pierce.
  • Added more Enhanced Client context buttons.
  • Axes can now be used from your backpack.
  • Added the Alchemy Station, BBQ Smoker and Writing desk. (these will appear on the special item merchants soon)
  • Fishing poles can now be enhanced.
  • 10th anniversary sculpture now gives the proper amount of luck, based on account age.
  • Mortal strike duration has been reduced.
  • Nerve Strike now adds damage, even if paralyze is resisted.
  • All spell damage types now have a 1/3 chance to reveal.
  • Added gloves of mining to imbuable list.
  • Added Feint sound effects.
  • Bola cast timer now set to 3 seconds.
  • Bola victims can now run out of range of the bola during the 3 second timer.
  • Added hci vs dci miss chance for Bolas.
  • Increased damage threshold for bandage slip, based on dexterity.
  • Added debuff icon for mount block duration.
  • Fixed issue where camps were causing EC crashes.
  • Dragon Scale armor now gives the proper red scale resist bonus.
  • Spell/AOE damage now has the proper chance to reveal.
  • Camps no longer despawn until the escort is killed/rescued or the chests have all been completely looted.
  • Added missing locations to Corrupted Crystal Portal
  • Death is now a revealing action
Not open for further replies.