PATCH LOG MARCH 2018 - Patch Log

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  • Pet Revamp (Pet Training) has been added. This is a very extensive system that fully changes how Animal Tamers interact and train their pets. This also changes how almost all pets spawn. (stat and skill wise)
  • The missing Sphynx has been added.
  • New UO public chat has been added.
    • You can access the public chat menu from the same menu bar that your Journal is located at. From here you can leave public chat, should you choose. Soon we will allow others to create their own channels.
    • To speak in world chat simply hit , on the keyboard.
      • , activates the built in client chat system.
Bug Fixes
  • Guard can no longer be called on various non-aggressive pets and animals.
  • Various tweaks to VvV notoriety and making sure blues who partake in VvV town battles turn orange correctly.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue with VvV mounts.
  • Players can no longer attack players that are dueling using the Arena system.
  • The following creatures no longer lose stats when tamed:
    • Dragon Wolf
    • Dread Spider
    • Phoenix
    • Serpentine Dragon
    • Shadow Wyrm
    • Tsuki Wolf
  • Cora no longer spawns with the title "Lord" and no longer makes a male sound when killed.
  • It is no longer possible to create new accounts with SPACES in the username.
    • Apparently on UO this was never possible. On Free shards it was always possible.
    • Why it is a problem now is that the Enhanced Client does not physical let you enter a SPACE when logging in.
    • Old accounts with spaces will continue to be able to login using the Classic Client but there is no easy fix to allow them to log in using the Enhanced Client.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting certain Mystic spells did not take the correct number of resources.
  • It is no longer possible to use parts of the Vendor Search menu outside of a town or house zone.
  • Rikktor now has the correct amount of Wrestling.
  • Fixed an incorrect warning message when crafting gargish cloth armor without any cloth.
  • Removed "Heritage" Greater White Wyrms and Dreadmares.
    • Special deeds where added to the packs of the tamers who owned these for Frost Dragons and Dread War Horses. These can be redeemed after the Pet Publish goes live.
  • The VvV kill / death / assist statistics will no longer show on mouse over.
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