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If we leave a post as "Being Reviewed" it simply means we are undecided either way. It does not mean we are ignoring you. Feel free to add to said post and discuss it amongst yourselves but please do not *bump a post needlessly.
*bump = Push to the top of a forum for no reason

If we tag the post "Good idea - we will probably implement this at some point" it means we really like the idea and will try to fit it in. Certain ideas are way more complex to code than others.

If we tag the post "Being Developed" it means we are actively working on coding it. (actively depending on other projects and life priorities)

If we tag the post "Not At This Time" it means simply that. The idea may be a good one but we are just focused in another direction or it is beyond what we intended to do at any given time. Players can still actively discuss the idea and a Developer may choose to reverse the decision at a later date.

Keep the suggestions coming!
Not open for further replies.