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With the new Wiki now live we are definitely going to need help populating it. From the staff member side as we add new, custom content, we will make sure we add Wiki pages. For all the basic UO stuff and even some of the Heritage customs already in place, we are leaving that up to you guys to help us out.

Any registered member can edit a Wiki and create a page, that is right, ANY member.

That being said only certain members can assign the page to the correct location and can also see who has edited it and what they added. They can also revert changes if a player goes rouge.

These players on the forums can be identified as having the Lore Keeper title under their name.
@Omalley has been named the first Lore Keeper.

As others are more active I will bestow the Lore Keeper title on others as well. We are also considering some type of compensation, either a special in-game item or some sovereigns for those that reach Lore Keeper status and are active.
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