Lazy Leveling Provocation to 90


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This method uses a house. There are also methods that use boats that I don't explain here, which you can find through the google. Placing released critters on two different boats in close proximity works as well for example.

The goal is to get to 90 skill. Once you are at 90 skill you can use the Mastery Skills to get to 120 if you so desire.
You can burn 300 Sovereigns and get a Mystic token to instantly get 90 skill and do it, then move onto the Bard Mastery Quests and skip the rest of this guide altogether. Otherwise, see below.

You need:
A tamer.
Gold to buy a medium sized house and place some walls.
Large boxes from a carpenter. I used 6 of them (lock them down!).

First, I recommend looking around the internet for guides on what levels to train what animals. Or you can look here or here.
Second, you need a macro to spam provocation. I found two that seem to work well enough here or here.
Then, you need to build a house, setting it up with two partitions that are separated by chests. The idea is you tame two creatures, release them in your house in either side, and then hit the provocation macro. The boxes keep them from hitting each other but are close enough to aggro onto each other. The teleporters are set to guild only so the wild creatures don't escape. The house is set to public so the pets don't get kicked to the curb when released (this was not tested as being required, but better safe than sorry).


Giant Beetles should take you all the way to 90 skill.

Good luck.
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