PATCH LOG JANUARY 2018 - Patch Log

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Heritage Custom Change
  • Removed Royal Forged Pardons from the VvV silver vendor.
    • These are despised on real UO because it allows people to murder on real UO and then simply join VvV to use them and wipe all counts.
    • Being a Red will have consequences on Heritage. Regular Forged Pardons will remain in-game.

Bug Fixes
  • Basic jewelry can no longer spawn with anything greater than FC 1.
  • Any looted jewelry (non named artifacts) with more than 1 FC will be reverted to 1 FC.
  • Basic jewelry can no longer spawn with Damage Eaters.
  • Any non named artifact jewelry will have Damage Eaters removed.
  • Basic jewelry can no longer spawn with Casting Focus.
  • Any non named artifact jewelry will have Casting Focus removed.
  • Any jewelry with Brittle on it has been converted to Antique. Other negatives like Prized, Cursed or -100 luck will remain as they were.
  • Wraith form will now properly leech mana, on killing the target, if it had mana left. Before on a kill the mana leech proc would not trigger properly.
  • Mind Blast Intelligence check is now capped at 200 in regards to monsters who cast Mind Blast with very high Intelligence.
  • Power of Fortification keg now has the proper item ID and Powder of Fortification can now be dropped on the keg, to recharge it, correctly.
  • Added Deer Masks, Bear Masks, Orc Masks, and Tribal Masks to the tailoring menu. These items can also now be imbued.
  • Various Blackthorn clothing artifacts were incorrectly spawning with durability. This has been addressed and any existing Blackthorn clothing artifacts have had their durability removed.
  • Mage Armor will no longer count as a property in regards to Runic Reforging. (Imbuing is still being tested)
  • VvV spell books no longer have Antique or durability. Existing ones have been automatically fixed.
  • The Masonry crafting skill now creates the correct repair deed.
  • You can no longer send quest items to the bank using Bags of Sending.
  • You can now correctly repair artifacts that derive from the Gargish Half Apron.
  • Spell casted magic field spells (Fire field, Poison field, ect) can no longer be stacked on top of each other.
  • Added the proper messages to the Body Guard mastery spell on expiration.
  • Added the proper visual effects to the Mana Shield mastery spell.
  • Dyed recall runes should now obtain their color on a world restart.
  • Hats can now correctly be reforged.
  • Mystic's Garb now has the proper itemID and derives from the Gargish Robe.
  • Crafted Hats now get the correct resists if the crafter has Arms Lore. You can now gain Arms Lore from crafting Hats.
  • The War Cleaver is now a 2 handed weapon.
  • Wraith/Vampire leech should now correctly trigger prior to the death of a monster.
  • Equip last weapon client macro should now longer incorrectly unequip a shield, if not needed.
  • Felucca was incorrectly showing a buff of 2,000 luck. It now shows the correct buff of 1,000 luck.
    • This issue was PURELY COSMETIC. You were only ever getting a buff of 1,000 luck while fighting in Felucca.
  • The Heritage Stone's +200 Luck Bonus can now be seen directly in the Status Bar. It will no longer create a clunky and in-accurate buff icon.
  • Added a missing champion spawn teleporter located to the south of the Terra Sanctum champion spawn.
  • Equip last weapon macro should now simply drop the current weapon if no weapon is set as the last weapon.
  • Certain VvV items will no longer lose their VvV status. Ones that did have been converted back to their old form.
  • Added item hue for legendary artifacts and certain reforged items.
  • Wildfire no longer stacks, mobiles can only be damaged once per second, and the correct formula for damage reduction based on the number of targets has been added.
  • Mining Carts and Tree Stumps have been added to the Gold and Sovereign merchants.
  • Warcry is now triggered on all damage types.
  • Warcry now shows the proper buff icons.
  • Fixed an issue where resists were not always applied correctly to loot and reforged armor.
  • Various reforging edits to bring it more into line with OSI.
  • All treasure maps will now correctly reset after 30 days.
  • Added lockdown access to certain resource producing rugs.
  • Corrosive slims will now properly drop their keys, if killed in the correct locations.
  • Savage Masks and Orcish Kin Masks can now be imbued.
  • Stat loss from VvV is now 5 minutes, down from 20 minutes, per OSI.
  • Various carpentry items can now be crafted correctly with boards.
  • Fixed another crash issue with VvV.
  • Bodyguard reflect damage will now disrupts spells. This is due to another bug regarding spell interruption that has also been fixed.
  • Naturalist NPCs now have a chance to reward white/black seeds along with blaze seeds.
  • Certain Artifact ingredients will no longer delete on a failed craft attempt, only raw resources.
  • Opening containers is now restricted to the player being within 8 to 16 tiles of the z axis of the container. (may not notice this one as tt only affects people you found ways to open containers while up in the air, that were way below them)
  • Blood Oath should now apply the increased damage to the correct mobile.
  • Despise Creatures AI should now finally be working correctly.
  • VvV steeds can now be rezzed by its master with 0 veterinary skill.
  • Ronins have had there speed reduced.
  • Frost spiders now correctly spawn in two different colors.
  • Fixed an issue where containers would sometimes not lose their locked down status when retrieved using the Retrieve context menu entry.
  • Arena non-participants can no longer teleport into the PvP Arena.
  • Davies Locker will now correctly prompt you to pick a direction (south or east) on placement in a house.
  • VvV battles will now attempt to reset after 5 minutes, provided there are enough VvV players logged on. (no more needing to log in and out to force it to update)
  • The Dark Guardian room and the Dark Guardian liches have had various tweaks made to make it more accurate.
  • Field spells (fire field, poison field, ect) should once again always cast in a straight line.
  • Wall Of Stone can no longer be stacked on other fields and vice versa.
  • Special Moves that call the OnHit method will only trigger hit spell effects once, either on the initial hit or the subsequent hit if the initial hit fails.
  • Arena stone menus now close on facet change.
  • Spells / Targets are now canceled prior to Arena Duels beginning.
  • Trash Barrels and trash chests now have a 1% chance to drop trashed items into the Cavern Of The Discarded.
  • Fixed a bug where chicken coops were not properly setting the pets inside to IsStabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Guardian Room was not spawning the proper amount of Dark Guardians.
  • Dark Guardians now drop the proper amount of demon bones.
  • Players are now paralyzed for 2 seconds and given a strict warning before entering the Hallway of Death, in the Underworld.
  • Fixed an issue where players were getting Spirituality gains when not actually healing. (IE - player is at max health)
  • Field spells like fire field, poison field, wall of stone, ect now have a cast range of 15 tiles. (verified)
  • Arcane circle strength now correctly buffs up depending on Spellweaving Mastery.
  • Summon Reaper spell now works correctly.
  • VvV notoriety has been tweaked and should now work correctly. Non VvV and VvV members of the same guild should no longer flag enemy to one another, in Felucca.
  • Players should no longer be able to lure monsters into guard zones in an attempt to kill afk players.
  • Various Blackthorn Artifacts were spawning with durability. These items have had their durability removed.
  • Removed certain properties from showing below player names in Felucca.
  • If a player is in VvV and in Felucca then their Kills / Deaths / and Assists will show below their name.
  • Various code cleaning has system optimization has occurred.
  • Mana Shield skill mastery spell will no longer reveal you if you are hidden.
  • Natural dyes can now dye all artifact types.
  • Vice vs Virtue has had some combat changes. If a non-VvV player performs a beneficial or aggressive action on a VvV player (in Felucca) they now become a VvV combatant (orange) for 30 minutes. Also if a non VvV player does not leave a VvV battle zone after a minute, or closes the menu that asks them to teleport to the nearest moongate they become VvV flagged for 30 minutes.
  • VvV battle times have been changed from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue where VvV battles did not auto restart (again).
  • Non VvV players who remain in a battle contested area will now properly flag as enemy(orange).
    • A fix for VvV guild/non guild players flagging is currently being worked on and will be addressed in a later publish.
  • Fixed a major crash regarding Vice Vs Virtue (VvV)
  • Fixed a major crash regarding the Despise Revamp.
  • Potentially fixed a crash regarding the Shadow Wisp necromancy familiar.
  • Fixed an issue where players were experiencing higher than normal latency around Castle British in Britain.
  • Fixed an issue where Niporailem, in the Tomb of Kings, was dropping the wrong artifacts.
  • Fixed an issue where staff could cause more monsters to spawn in the Gauntlet when responding to pages.
  • Stone form should now correctly update your resists when casted.
  • Lich form should now correctly apply the debuff of -5 HPR.

The server will remain in debug mode for 24 hours. Saves have been set to once every 10 minutes. Should everything go well tonight they will be re-set to their old value of once every hour.

Unfortunately these crashes will happen. We are at the forefront of testing this newest code. There is only so much 2 developers can do to test every aspect of code under every scenario and while we can stop a lot of crashes from making it live, we can not stop them all.

A big thanks to everyone that helped test these crashes and that worked with us to resolve the issues.

Players who log in between now and 9pm EST tonight will also receive special "VvV Shard Crasher" Sandals.
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