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Uhhhh... any idea that allows for more decorative/cosmetic variation? Do y'all even know me?
Yes please. Strongly in favor.

Melek Taus

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Instead of changing an itemid. Maybe go along the lines of what Lord Of The Rings online does.. they have a separate paper doll, when you add items to this other paper doll, it only shows the appearance.. and does not use the stats. You get 2 extra paperdolls like this, And they charge you for extra paperdolls past the 2, so you can have multiple outfits, and switch between them
Not a bad way to go about it Omalley, although if you have to carry all the items around with you, that could get cumbersome.


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Not really @Melek Taus when you drag and drop the item onto the paperdoll in the cosmetic tab, it would apply the look, then the item drops back in your pack, and you can put it in bank or a house chest.