NEWS Heritage will hit 1000 days online on October 12th 2018! Earn a unique item for logging in.


I am not sure how many people have ever payed attention to the white sign just outside Luna's east gate. Every few days I go and update it to display how old UO Heritage is.

We are about to reach a milestone of 1000 days online! To commemorate this any player who logs in on October 12th 2018 EST will earn a unique limited time mount. Thank you for making the first 1000 days so great and we look forward to the next 1000 days to come!

Players are only allowed to claim 4 of these on their 4 active accounts. Anyone found farming more will be dealt with.


Just a friendly reminder that in two days players will be able to claim their Ice White Ethereal Ostard simply by logging in on 12 OCTOBER 2018.