Heritage Guild Listings


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Heritage Guild Listings

Guild listings can contain anything you wish to publish: members, past events, guild purpose, guild website, etc.

Now let's show the guilds of Heritage!

Attempting to list the guilds in order of when they were publicly created on Heritage, may need some help here...
If you have a definite creation date or notice I may have a guild listed in the wrong spot please post so I can update.

  • Heritage Guilds and Guild Abbreviations
    • ZEAL - Empire of Zeal
    • OC - Organized Chaos
    • FTW - Fear the Wabbit
    • SOLO - Society of Lost Order
    • EoS - Explorers of Sosaria
    • HERB - La Fin du Monde
    • .
    • .
    • .
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      Other guilds noticed but not yet listed by their respective Guildmasters
      • CFC -
      • DKT -
      • ENF -
      • LUNA -
      • PPG -
      • ^CC^ -
      • .
      • .
      • .
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HERB - La Fin du Monde

Just myself and a friend. Not accepting applications.


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SOLO - Society of Lost Order
Guild leader : Shanti Sena / Cono / Fossey / Bindi (depending on where my mind is at any given time.)

It's mostly just a training guild I made, and a way to secure the guild abbreviation, but if anyone needs a training guild they're welcome to join.
Created around July / August 2018.