Active Event Halloween on Heritage 2019

Halloween on Heritage will last from September 15th to October 31st 2019. Below are the various in-game events that will be going on.

  • Trick or Treating
    • You can go around to various NPCs and say "trick or treat" this will either reward you with a trick or a treat!
      • Treat List
        • Lollipops
        • Wrapped Candy
        • Jelly Beans
        • Taffy
        • Nougat Swirl
  • Halloween Begging (100 Begging required)
    • Grand Master Beggers can beg at various town NPCs for a chance to receive some unique Halloween themed items! (Do NOT AFK beg or your character will be jailed for the duration of the event)
      • Reward List
        • Creepy Cake
        • Pumpkin Pizza
        • Grim Warning
        • Harvest Wine
        • Murky Milk
        • Mr Plains Cookies
        • Skulls On A Pike
        • Chair In A Ghost Costume
        • Excellent Iron Maiden
        • Halloween Guillotine
        • Colored Small Webs
        • Random Halloween Costumes
        • Head On A Spike (random players name)(2019)
        • Trapped Spirit Of The Headless Horseman (2019)
  • Pumpkin Patches
    • The Skara Brea pumpkin patches in both Trammel AND Felucca are back. Here you can pick pumpkins for a chance at getting a rare Jack O' Lantern to spawn!
    • In order to maximize the pumpkin spawn rates special trash cans have been set up @ these fields. Make sure to THROW AWAY the pumpkins you move to hasten the spawn of Evil Pumpkins / Rare decorative pumpkins.
    • Be warned though there is a chance to summon Evil Pumpkins when searching for these rare decorative pumpkins. Evil Pumpkins can be quite tough. Watch out for the goo they drop!
      • Pumpkin Patch Locations
        • Skara Brea Large Field (806, 2163, 0)
        • Skara Brea Small Fields (823, 2266, 0)
        • South East Skara Brea Fields (831, 2355, 0)
      • Evil Pumpkin Rewards
        • Flaming Scarecrow​
        • Pumpkin Scarecrow​
        • Twilight Lantern​
        • Pumpkin Row Boat Deed​
        • Pumpkin Cannon Deed​
        • Trapped Spirit Of The Headless Horseman​
  • Player Zombies
    • Every time a player dies in-game during the Halloween event there is a small chance that their Skeleton will become re-animated and appear in the Britain Cemeteries of Felucca and Trammel.
    • These Skeletal Zombies have a rare chance to drop a bone container with the players name on it OR a piece of the much coveted Zombie Skeleton Armor set! They also have a chance to drop the Trapped Spirit Of The Headless Horseman.
  • The Headless Horseman
    • HeadlessHorseman.png
    • Players can summon the Headless Horseman, at his grave in the Britain Cemetery, using their Trapped Spirit Of The Headless Horseman bottles.​
    • Horseman2.png
    • The Headless Horseman has a chance to drop the following items:​
      • Sword belt recovered from the headless horseman
        • Crimson Cincture Stats​
      • Dread Warhorse In A Statue
        • Requires 110 Taming to claim​
      • Reward Title Deed " Slayer Of The Headless Horseman"
      • Exploding Jack O' Lantern
        • Throw these at your friends! (Unlimited uses)​
      • Jack O' Lantern Helmet Slot Transmog
        • This transmog allows you to convert the ItemID of any helmet slot item to the Jack O' Lantern ItemID used by the Headless Horseman. Any equipment you choose to use this item on can NOT be changed back.​
      • Dread Hide Epaulettes
        • robe slot item​
  • Halloween On Heritage Reward Pumpkin
    • 2019.png
    • Once every 24 hours players can claim 1 free Trapped Spirit Of The Headless Horseman from the big pumpkin located @ Luna.​
    • Players are only allowed to claim 4 of these, IF THEY HAVE 4 ACCOUNTS, every 24 hours. Anyone found attempting to bypass account limits, or logging in to more than 4 accounts in a 24 hour period (we get a log of these) will be jailed for the duration of the event.​

We have also started to revisit the "Seasons" concept for many of the automatic in-game event systems. These events will now only be active during the times specified below.

These are the following upcoming Season events:

Treasures Of Doom - 9/1 through 10/31 (Halloween Themed)
Treasures Of Sorcerer's Dungeon - 10/1 through 11/30 (Halloween - Evil Christmas Themed)
Treasures Of Khaldun - 10/1 through 12/30 (Halloween - Evil Themed)
Don't miss out on these great side events with some unique loot drops!
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I am begging that you change the timer to 20 hrs not 24 per say if I get on late tonight and don't get my summons till 9 but then I'm home tomorrow early and got some time my timer is till 9pm 20 hrs is still a long window but gives you a little buff time to be able to get them each day
Not to dismiss the idea of decreasing the timer, but there are other ways to get the trapped spirits. I pulled a couple off of reanimated undead in Brit graveyard the other night.
Just wanted to hop in and remind every one that these two event systems are active:

Treasures Of Sorcerer's Dungeon - 10/1 through 11/30 (Halloween - Evil Christmas Themed)
Treasures Of Khaldun - 10/1 through 12/30 (Halloween - Evil Themed)

This is the first time the Sorcerer's Dungeon encounter was activated.